How Do You Build A Positive Mind When Bad Things Happen?

Life isn’t easy, but it’s not as hard neither

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Let’s be honest about it. Living is not easy. But it’s never as difficult as we tend to make it.

In order for you to build a positive mind, especially during difficult times — it’s essential to understand why you’re here in the first place. Why? Because once you do, you take things more lightly. And approach your life from a healthier perspective.

As a soul, you have come to Earth to learn life lessons. Does it mean your soul doesn’t know anything? No. Our souls are boundless, infinite, limitless, ecstatic, and from a higher vibration than our physical body and surrounding reality, which vibrate at the “3D.”

Your soul is great, it is infinite, it is all those wonderful thing — but, it wants to experience being those things, so it takes a body and experiences life on Earth.

These experiences however are rarely only “nice.” In fact, for the most part, all they do is hit us hard. And because it is a bit shocking to the soul that does not have enough experience with this “game” we’re playing — feeling bad about oneself, feeling guilty, feeling ashamed, feeling in pain, and closing oneself become a natural reaction.

This is part of our “hero’s journey.”

During those stages, we form many limiting beliefs that dictate our perception. As an example, being hit by too many bad experiences may install a belief that says “the world is dangerous, I am afraid of people.”

Such a belief, being in our subconscious mind, will obviously dictate our behavior at the surface level, and we will avoid going out or opening ourselves to others. We will feel lonely as a consequence of our actions, and we will spend most of our life in pain because we believe to be excluded/rejected — when in fact, we are the one having those limiting beliefs; we’re just not consciously aware of them because they exist in our subconscious mind.

One of the main steps to building a positive mind therefore is to re-examine ourselves very honestly. What hurts do we still cling to? What past experiences do we still hold on to? Does holding all these hurts serve us, or does it make us miserable?


It’s important for us to understand that we do cannot control everything. Sure, we have built our society in a way that gives us a sense of control; and many people fool themselves into thinking life will remain the same forever. The recent experiences the world has gone through however prove that we don’t control much. Most people are in panic. It’s normal. But some people learn from those recent experiences, and understand that we should be grateful for what we have now.

Learning to appreciate what we have, and accepting things as they unfold because we know that ultimately, we do not control everything, but are instead at the mercy of bigger forces we’re unaware of — is key to navigating turbulent times.

As we release our need to control everything, and embrace what comes our way — naturally, we have more clarity of mind, more energy because we are less dissipated through unnecessary worries, and therefore, more capabilities to properly dealing with difficult situations.

Now, the practical part.

Whatever happens. Be calm. From this calmness, seek ways to solve the situation you find yourself in. If you can do something about it, great. If you cannot, remain aware. You are being taught a life lesson.

You are positive by nature. You are love. You are greatness. All the work we do on ourselves has for only purpose to remove the blockages to this greatness that we already are.


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Have faith in yourself!

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