Can a Spiritual Master or Guru Ever Be Wrong?

Can a Spiritual Master or Guru Ever Be Wrong?

Invasion of gurus…

Why not?

The master is not different from you; it’s just that — if he is an actual master, and not some clown seeking fame and fortune — he went through normal human challenges, and instead of being torn apart by them, and live in negativity; he tried his best at overcoming his human limitations, and discovered that within him was all the strength he always sought outwardly.

From such a journey, the natural course of action is to share this wisdom with others; not because we’re better than them, but because going through this process reveals what we actually are. We become naturally loving and compassionate. Evolution means alignment with universal principles. Creation seems to be biased towards love…

Can everyone notice the difference between a genuine and a fake master? No, unfortunately.

Most people have given so much of their power away by believing everything they’re told through mainstream media, society in general, and so on — that they constantly need to be reassured and validated.

There is nothing “wrong” with that. It’s just that unless we make an effort to understand where our power really is, we will project our craving for this power onto others who have learned to present themselves as saviors, gurus and messiahs.

Doing so usually results in the scandals we often hear in the news about different cults and sects.

It’s true that a master has learned many things about himself/herself. It’s true that a master has overcome many limitations. One of the most fundamental lesson a master would have learned on this path to mastery however is that of humbleness.

Unless we are humble ourselves, and that means:

  • Not being attached to our role as a master
  • Not feeling superior or better than others/disciples
  • Not believing we’re always right because we are in authority
  • Admitting that we are wrong when we are
  • Not reacting in negative ways when others “outshine” us
  • Allowing things to happen on their own, without our constant involvement (fear of not being in control)
  • And so on

It means we are not the saint we pretend to be.

And it’s not hard to spot subtle cues that could indicate the master or guru is actually not genuine.

Ultimately, we all go through these relationship dynamics in order for both parties to learn essential life lessons. In the case above, the disciple learns to be more careful and discerning while the “master” learns to use his role as a guide for others’ growth, and not only for the fulfillment of his desires.

A master can definitely be wrong therefore. And if he is a real one, he will admit it. Do not ignore your intuition. Do not make yourself less than you are because everyone else is head over heels for the authority figure.

No matter our level of mastery, until we leave for other planes, we are human beings in a dense environment. Being careful, and humble are key to avoid falling back into negative tendencies that would make our efforts worthless.

Critical thinking. Use your discernment. You are not meant to be another copy.

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