Hi there, I’m Rabih.

I always loved words. I always had this deep inclination to write. It took me some time to get started however. You know, younger years, overthinking.

Eventually I began writing privately, on my computer, using Word. I have always been a bit shy when it came to sharing my creations with others – even family.

Another thing I’ve always been is bold – I’m not being cocky – I swear – even if it often got me into situations I hated at first, only to feel amazing once I overcame the challenges that came my way.

And because I’m this mix – I wrote, extensively, and I shared it with the world, eventually.

At first, I only followed my inclination to write. I didn’t know much about it, nor was I familiar with different types of writings. For years, I practiced and I adapted to different formats, testing approaches, and what-not.

As I kept doing so, I noticed that readers started reaching out to share their experiences reading what I wrote – and it felt good to know that your work helps someone somewhere.

Like most, once I got some traction – I thought about more lucrative ways to do things. We’re human, aren’t we? But I eventually got sick of it because it corrupted two of the most important things for me; my peace of mind, and my work.

Most people would be on cloud nine in positions of power, in places where others call you “guru,” or look up to you for “guidance.”

It was the opposite for me.

In fact, the recognition I yearned for during my earlier years is what turned me into a “rebel” that is repelled by it. Not only that, it’s actually what helped me remember what I truly want to do through my work.

Recognition is fine. It’s just a fleeting thing. The work, however, is the source of true joy.

I work therefore, and in this context, write – to share my personal experiences, and the lessons I’ve learned from them. For the sake of it.

The reason I stopped caring about what happens after is because I’ve observed that we come across each other in times of “need.” This world/Creation knows how to bring us together. And when it does, we’re surprised to realize that the answer or the confirmation we’ve been looking for has been “delivered” to us.

So as much as this “about page” may seem to be noble, and selfless – if there is one thing I can tell you for our relationship to start on the right foundation is that I write for my own pleasure. I write because I love it. And I am able to do so because I know in my heart that we’ll cross paths when it becomes a necessity.

If this comes your way – then I am grateful that we shared this time together.

Until then,

[Writer on NewsBreak, Medium & Quora.]

[Creator of Alchemy of the Hidden.]