How Do I Become a Spiritually Strong Person?

Thank you for the question

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By your question, I suppose what you are wanting to ask is — how do you utilize you spiritual tools to live a better human life?

First of all, for the vast majority of people living on Earth, life means the physical senses, and what is beyond those senses is not taken seriously. That’s okay. We’re living in the “3D” as most spirituals call it, and being in the 3D as souls — our goal is actually to remember our true state through the world of forms.

Saying all this, you can see why most people are conditioned not to be strong from a spiritual perspective. From birth to death, most believe that matter is the only real thing. And this limits their growth.

On the other hand, for those souls who have put in the work; healing their past wounds, forgiving those who have wronged them, accepting reality as it is, and maturing in general — naturally, they start feeling more “loose,” they still live in the material domain but they approach their day to day existence with more distance/perspective.

Reality still looks like it was, but it has more colors, it feels more alive. Those people have awakened to something deeper.

This allows them to live more healthily, deal with their challenges more effectively, and work through their “karma” more quickly.

Karma is simply a “loop” we keep cycling through until we’ve learned the lesson we’re supposed to learn. And we learn our lessons by taking action.

As an example. If we’ve been traumatized during childhood for speaking our truth; perhaps we were rejected and mocked by others — it wouldn’t be a surprise to have strong fears of rejection being kept in our subconscious mind. This fear will come up in settings that mirror the setting we found ourselves in during childhood. And unless we process the fear, and speak up for ourselves when the situation presents itself — we don’t pass the lesson.

And until we do, we may feel cursed or bad about ourselves. We may want to say so many things but feeling blocked by our fears will torment us. Unless we deal with it, we have uncompleted lessons. And until we do, these lessons follow us — that’s karma.

Coming back to the subject, as those souls overcome their “karma,” heal themselves, and release what does not serve them anymore — their spiritual strength augments. Their awareness expands, their energy levels improve, and naturally, they live a quality of life that remains puzzling for other souls who have yet to work on themselves.

The long-term solution. Work on the above daily. And let things happen organically. Release expectations. And live — learn from all your experiences.

In the meantime however, here are some “practices” to help you get going:

  • Live healthily. We experience life through our body and mind. The healthier they are, the better they function, and the more we’re able to use our “tool” in ways that are aligned with our life’s purpose. Eat and drink clean, as often as you can. Avoid smoking and alcohol, do your best. Do not overindulge in sensual pleasures because too much of it depletes vital resources. And sleep well
  • Reconnect with the Earth and the Cosmos. Have regular walks in Nature. Get some sunlight. And commune with the Earth, and what’s around us as often as you can. They’re our “parents.”
  • Introspect. We learn our lessons, and we see things from different perspectives by taking some distance. Use a journal, write down your thoughts, and look at yourself honestly. The more you embrace reality, the better your perception gets, the quicker you grow
  • Commune with God/your Higher Self/be aware. It’s easy to get lost in our own thoughts today because we’re overwhelmed with demands. Just 10–20 minutes a day should be enough to help you restore yourself. Try meditation if you don’t already. Meditation, in this context, means being simply aware. Let your thoughts flow as they please. Focus on your breath. That’s all

As long as your intention is sincere, as long as your are committed to your growth — everything you need will be given to you.

Thank you reading, and if I can assist you in any way, let me know in the comments.


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