How Can We Cultivate a Sense of Inner Peace in our Daily Lives?

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It’s human to be overly concerned with our own problems, burdens and responsibilities.

It’s human to have a narrowed view about reality because we’re constantly being pressurized from all directions.

The more absorbed we are by our lives, due to different factors, some of which have been cited above — the less grounded we are, the lonelier we feel, the more miserable we get; all of which prevent us from experiencing true peace.

There are different practices you can use to “attain” peace, and happiness.

First of all, during challenging times, we don’t breathe properly. The first practice to invite more peace in your life is therefore deep breathing. Wherever you are, pause everything and take deep breaths. Inhale slowly, exhale slowly. Do it for five seconds each.

Another practice is learning to reconnect with the Earth, and our “neighbors” in the Cosmos.

Have regular walks in Nature if you can, and get some sunlight. The forces emanating from these bigger bodies are the raw material that keep us together. Reconnecting as much as we consciously can with these parent forces is a great way for us to remain grounded.

Why do we want to remain grounded anyway?

Because, the main reason we are unable to feel at peace in our daily lives stems from the fact that we are always in our heads. This makes us restless, unable to focus, but also — it makes us imbalanced. Why? Because we are human beings, not brain beings. We have a heart, a body — not just a head.

Learning to be in our body, and functioning from both our heart and brain is how we were designed to live. We get grounded by using the practices above, but also by being more aware of our body parts, and surroundings.

Once these factors are taken care of, you should feel more “seated” in your life, and this will bring you more calmness, clarity and peace.

In the long run however, the above is just a temporary remedy. What you want to focus on instead are the limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind, which you have accumulated throughout your life, especially during your childhood, a period in which our brainwaves are slower, therefore absorbing a lot of information from our surroundings.

This “information” comes especially from our parents, teachers, friends, mainstream media, and for the most part — they are not aligned with universal principles, therefore greatly distorting our perception of reality, and eventually, how we live.

I hope this answer brought you some clarity.

Quick fixes do not exist for true peace. It happens as you live, and learn from your experiences. It happens with wisdom, and maturation.

In the meantime, practice the exercises above. Meditation can help too.


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All the best.

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