How Can I Adjust After Being Shook By Deep Spiritual Experiences?

Let change lead the way

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There are many causes that can create the situation you find yourself in, at this moment.

No matter their differences however, “being abruptly shook,” as you word it, into some “really heavy/deep realizations,” can feel like standing on shifting sands.

Generally, we are “shook” when we are shown a conception of reality that is far more different than the one we have always used to make sense of ourselves, of the world and life in general.

Naturally, as we come on planet Earth, we inherit inclinations/predispositions/behaviors through our genes, as well as through our parents, our teachers at school, our friends, mainstream media, and so on.

Together, these influences shape a worldview in our subconscious, from which we interpret what we perceive through our senses — and unless we are aware of this process — we choose to perceive in ways that reinforce our worldview.

Unfortunately, our worldview as a species is often not in alignment with universal principles.

As an example, we compete over scarce resources because we strongly believe in lack and scarcity, whether it’s in terms of money, time or opportunities. This limiting belief most people maintain at an unconscious level is one of the main reasons why there is so much desolation on Earth.

Universally however, scarcity does not exist. It is just a human limiting belief, in this particular domain of existence that is called the “3D,” in most spiritual teachings. If we discard our belief in scarcity for a few minutes, and look around ourselves — all we see is “excess.”

There is excess of energy. We reproduce in excess. Fruits come out with hundreds of grains in order to keep spreading themselves. The stars are almost infinite. We have trillions of cells within our bodies. . And so on.

Yet, because our ancestors have had a hard time finding food, mating, and living in general; they experienced quite the trauma, and gave us their experiences, so to help us, through our genes.

It’s true, in their epoch, such a belief helped in making the best out of the small opportunities they were given to survive. Today however, it’s a different story. We do not experiences the same challenges as they did.

From a higher vantage point, our species is also evolving. It went through the above phase in the past, and now, through us today, it is going through another phase. Each phase offers different challenges.

Today, our challenge is to overcome our narrowed perspective, release beliefs that do not serve us, so that we are more efficient at dealing with the challenges at hand.

This will require that we discard outdated worldviews, and align ourselves with universal principles.

And if you are currently experiencing some discomfort because your worldview has been “shook,” it’s normal. We derive our feeling of security from our conception of the world. We feel secure knowing that every morning we go to work, every evening we’re back at home, every weekend we have fun, every few weeks, we travel to exotic places. And so on.

Unfortunately however, our attachment to such a worldview does not mean things will stay the same forever. And we have been proven this over the last few years with all the stuff that have been happening in the world.

Now, what can we do about it?

  • Know that you’re okay. Things may not seem this way, but you are. Everything is happening for your own growth
  • Embrace change. Everything changes. We know it. Yet, unconsciously, we still fool ourselves into thinking nothing will
  • Take some time to be with yourself. We always want to keep going, and hustling. We have to learn to take breaks when we need to. And process our feelings
  • Use a journal. With your hand, write your feelings, note the insights that come to your mind, be more with yourself. Get some perspective
  • Connect with Nature and the Cosmos. Walk in forest. If you have the luxury, spend some time in natural places. Breathe fresh air. Get some sunlight. Enjoy being alive
  • Commune with a higher power. Whether it is God, Jesus, some other saintly figure; or simply your Higher Self — put aside 10–20 min daily to commune with a higher power. This will help you feel supported, invite higher energies to yourself, as well as help you keep sight of the bigger picture during difficult times (key)
  • Pay attention to the emotions and thoughts that come up. Generally, sudden experiences of change will bring stuff up. Practice mindfulness, or simply be aware of what comes up. Do not interfere with it. Pay attention, and your spirit will help you heal/release what doesn’t serve you anymore

Ultimately, we want to embrace change. It’s not “easy” at first because we have been programmed to associate change with suffering. But as said, the human species is at a different level of evolution that demands newer approaches.

As long as you do your best, you’ll be taken care of.

I wish you strength, courage and I tell you this — you can overcome anything.

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