Healing Techniques for Releasing Negative Energy & Emotions

Photo by Alexandru Zdrobău on Unsplash

Most of us have been made to believe different things about our nature as well as life’s actual nature.

We have been told that we are physical beings living in a physical environment, and that life is basically about survival.

Obviously, we are living in a physical plane and unless we move a bit — we soon starve, and when we are hungry, nothing but food matters.

Understanding our spiritual nature is less about living in denial therefore, and more about questioning our beliefs about ourselves and life’s nature because, when we believe into a particular paradigm — we invest energy into it, whether it is true or not. And in most cases, it’s far from being true.

On one hand, we do live in a physical world with its requirements. On the other hand however, do we need to cling to what we’ve been told by the world? Maybe we could question the veracity of those beliefs.

Questioning does not mean rebelling against the world or starting wars; questioning simply means becoming aware of the fact that all those concepts and influences we have accepted at some point in our lives turned into the building blocks of our paradigm.

In most cases, this paradigm is limiting, narrowed, and it creates the chaos we witness on the planet.

Once we perceive the fact that what has always felt “real” for us is only a mixture of hundreds of thoughts gathered overtime; a feeling of intrigue may course over our being. For all these years we’ve assumed to be just “this,” we’ve assumed for life to be just “this” — but now, something has been lifted off.

Suddenly, without so many concepts that limit our perception, a certain feeling of magic becomes noticeable. What happens next depends on our desire to explore this feeling in more depth.

The reason I began this piece in this manner is for us to understand that we have different tools at our disposal when it comes to healing, and these tools help us understand ourselves, gain a good perspective about our patterns, their sources, and implications, etc.

In time however, these tools should help us understand ourselves, and awaken to the fact that we’re not just physical beings. This realization as well as the gentle/tender aspect of ourselves that awakens from this whole process — is key for effective healing. Why?

Because when we are experiencing suffering, which originates from how we think — the same mind that has found an issue with life then “devises” a plan to fix the issue. This is fine in the physical. But when it comes to psychological matters; it can quickly become messy.

In general, the main reason we are unable to be at peace is directly linked to us avoiding the reality of our feelings. The more we avoid our feelings, which happens by thinking our way around them and devising more complex plans to “fix” the situation — the more compulsive/restless we become.

In this case, something feels “wrong” or not in alignment. If we keep moving in this direction, we pursue more and more pleasures/distractions because those help us keep our head above water. But after each “high,” we crash as low as to square one — where the same “ghost” we so desperately run away from awaits us.

Understanding the limits of thoughts therefore, especially when it comes to our healing — by realizing how whatever thought creates contains the seed of its own misunderstanding — tells us that there must be another way for this to happen.

And once we “surrender,” this “way” reveals itself.

That is why, ultimately, the only true technique for healing is to be “aware.” Through awareness you summon your “tender” aspect, and through this tenderness, you have the ability to understand the source of your suffering.

When you are experiencing negative emotions, try to remain cool. Just be aware. Do not engage in thinking (trying to label the emotion as an example). Be open. Do not be fixated regarding how healing occurs. In most cases, healing happens in counter-intuitive ways. Also, know that you’re okay. Flow with the process.

I hope this helps you. And I wish you peace.

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