Is it Scientifically Proven that the Soul Exists?

I’m not an expert in physics but here’s how I would put it.

Science as we currently know it deals with slower oscillations (the physical plane), as well as some faster ones (UV, X-ray, etc.).

The soul’s “physics” are of a much more rapid “oscillation” or higher vibration. And since science doesn’t have the necessary tools to measure those oscillations yet — it is assumed that the soul does not exist.

The same can be said about our physical senses. They cannot “capture” higher vibrations unless trained in specific ways but that’s another subject.

Now here is the good news — the soul is just a word. Also, you do not need scientific advancements for you to know yourself.

There are some prerequisites to “knowing yourself” however.

Hopefully, we are making sure that we have a good diet, proper sleep, and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Sorry, there is no better way to put it. The body and mind we use are directly influenced by our daily habits. Unless those habits are healthy, at least to a certain minimum, it’s hard for them to function with clarity, thereby limiting our “reach” when it comes to things beyond the physical.

Next, we want to learn to be aware. Purely aware. What this means is simple. We are accustomed to thinking and reacting all the time. We have different concepts about ourselves, as well as the world. And those give us a very rigid view of reality.

What we want to do is to learn to be purely aware. At first it won’t seem like much has happened. But if we keep practicing, in time, we reach a certain state of inner calmness.

Once we are more familiar with this state of inner inertia — calmness, “stillness” — the next thing is for us to give it more and more attention. In doing so, most people experience an unexplainable sense of awe, love, tenderness, care, and peace.

This state may be fleeting at first since we have not been in conscious touch with it for quite some time. But that’s when practice becomes key. The more we practice reconnecting with this aspect of ourselves — the easier it becomes to “invite” it in different areas of our life.

Why do we want to do that? Because this higher aspect of ourselves is a “reference point.” By learning to look at life through it, we perceive in different ways than those we’re accustomed to (our ego). We go beyond mental reasonings and expectations. We transcend those barriers.

As an example, when you walk in the streets from the perspective of the ego (mind-body), you are always thinking and looking at objects/people for different reasons. When you walk from this higher perspective however, it’s not uncommon to find yourself being unusually caring and tender (at least internally) with strangers but also in awe about the beauty that surrounds you.

Suddenly, everything feels alive. It has always been. Waiting for you to open your eyes.

Why did I feel so caring about people I never met? Why am I cemented in the present moment when I’m in this state? Why does everything vibrate with life when I’m fully in the “now”? Why do tears roll out of my eyes, why this immense feeling of love and peace that I want to shower on the whole world?

Reference point. Those are questions we should ask ourselves. They teach us about universal principles, but also about ourselves.

Living from the perspective of our higher aspect however is difficult if we have too many assumptions about life we believe in. This comes from our conditioning for decades; what we were told was true, but also the different experiences we’ve been through and how they affected us.

This is why maintaining this state in the long-term is challenging for most people. It’s why they give up on it, or at least, live their lives in the desperate pursuit of a memory.

Of course, this state happens in everyone’s life at some point — it’s just a state of expansion, peace and clarity. For some it happens while they look through their window. For others, during a silent morning drive. For some during a joyous family gathering. Etcetera.

Again — soul, awareness, consciousness. They’re all words. And if you rely too much on them, they prevent you from getting in touch with this part of yourself.

Anyway. Once you do get in touch with this part of you — you don’t need to be proven anything. It is just a fact. And if it’s on your path — you spend the rest of your life bringing out the scientific evidence for others. Just like many great people are doing today.

Hopefully, it helped.

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Thank you for reading!

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