After a Spiritual Awakening, Do We Still Reincarnate & Come Back on Earth?

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Contrary to what many people believe, a spiritual awakening is just one step among many on the spiritual path.

Because most people on Earth operate at a survival level; we don’t always have the time to think about spirituality except for some specific circumstances that are directly linked to the path we’re supposed to walk in our lifetime.

This unfamiliarity with our spiritual nature is what makes us turn a spiritual awakening, which is a natural stepping stone on our evolutionary journey, into a big deal.

Spiritual awakenings are normal. When we go through certain experiences that turn our attention within — out of necessity — this very act of asking ourselves questions, and doubting all those things we believed in for our whole lives; this act shakes our paradigm to its core.

And what happens when our paradigm — from which we derived our feeling of security — is shaken to its core?

Naturally, we become agitated. And while this agitation may disturb our sleep, make us feel unsafe/restless, sometimes even turn us into a paranoid — with some patience, self-care, and practices, our paradigm slowly expands.

This means that we perceive reality in a broader, more encompassing way; we don’t only see ourselves and our needs as we did in the past as an example — now we think about others too, about the consequences of our choices, about our relationship to the universe, etc.

On the spiritual path, there are many such experiences of expansion in perception. They’re different levels of awareness.

The more committed we are to our path, the more spiritual awakenings we go through. The deeper our understanding becomes. The better we become as a person.

Although many people experience one or many spiritual awakenings, not all of them do something about it.

To stop reincarnating, we have to complete our evolutionary journey up to a certain level. One spiritual awakening at a time. And if we reincarnate after that point, it’s a choice.

About the Earth

The Earth is one “school” among many. Many people feel like they belong to some other place. It sometimes is the case. But you are here now, this is a fact. Your soul wants to be here. The Earth is where it can learn the most at this step on its evolutionary journey. Make sure you send all your gratitude to this beautiful planet of ours because She gave us bodies, and has allowed us to experience life on Her body. Be present (spiritual classic) and enjoy as much as you can every experience on Earth.

Hope your questions were answered.

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