How Can One Maintain a Spiritual Connection While Experiencing Depression?

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Obviously, maintaining is just one of our many earthly concepts. We may not be consciously aware of it, and that is why we may talk about how to maintain, but we are always connected to everything around us.

Even if you feel like you are the only human being on Earth, your body comes, and is a “property” of this very Earth. The same can be said about your connection to the Sun. Without the warmth and life from the Sun — life as we know it would not be possible. No kids, no food, no status, nothing.

We take what we have for granted, and that is why we usually get cocky; we believe we’re “self-made,” but in truth — without the assistance of all the Beings, Entities, and Forces that make our material existence possible; everything would end now. Thankfully, those forces won’t stop helping us because their states of consciousness is much higher than ours. They know that we’re all one. And that’s why they keep responding present whenever we call upon them.

We are the Earth, we are the Sun — or pieces, if you prefer. I am referring specifically to the Sun and the Earth because they are more reachable/tangible. Obviously, we are connected to one another too as a species. We are connected to animals, plants, insects as “cells” of the Earth. The Earth is a sister to other planets, and so is our solar system to other systems. Et cetera.

Because we are so involved in our daily lives with our responsibilities and stresses, we tend to zoom in a bit too much in mundane matters, and this makes us lose sight of the bigger picture. But once we take a step back, maybe some days off, some healthy food and sleep, and meditate/at least breathe deeply — our energies flow more healthily, we feel more at peace, and we get a glimpse of this bigger picture.

Now in the case of depression, it is an intense experience just like when guilt, shame, fear and other similar energies come up. The reason we turn unconscious when they come up is because of their charge. We rarely looked at them because of our traumatic experiences. For many years, these energies had been controlling our lives from behind the scenes, and now, through a challenging experience, or through some spiritual practice — they show their head.

Most human beings have some of those energies in them. Why? Most children have been brought up with emotional and mental challenges, and most of those children turn into parents that perpetuate the cycle. It is part of the Earthly experience; that’s why the dimension we find ourselves in is called the 3D — it is a preparatory level for higher states of consciousness. And just like with schools, we have to pass different tests before “graduating.”

So if you felt bad about yourself because you are harboring such strong emotions; don’t. Most of us do. On the surface we may look charismatic or like we have our stuff together — but we’re all human, some day we may stumble. And on most days we do.

The first “step,” and probably the most defining one to finding clarity during such episodes of your life therefore, thus “maintaining” a spiritual connection — is to accept your humaneness. It’s okay to have such feelings.

What’s unproductive however is to let those feelings drag you wherever they want. That’s what happens with most people. They feel defeated by their emotions.

Don’t let that happen. Be proactive.

Feel the feeling, look at it, be with it, live with it. Fall sometimes. It’s fine. Be physical. Even if you don’t feel like it — eat well, sleep well, exercise a bit. Get your energies moving. Approach your feeling from a different angle. Look at it straight in the eye.

As much as this sounds like doing something about depression, it doesn’t. You aren’t doing a thing. You are just “looking” at it in the face. Your awareness acts like a torch that dispels it. I think Eckhart Tolle said this.

What happens during this process cannot be turned into a blueprint unfortunately. You will have to try, and follow your intuition on this one. This is how we learn, and once we do, we do not forget.

Ultimately, know that you are not alone even if your hurts say you are. The spiritual domain functions with different laws than the ones we are accustomed to here in the 3D. Don’t expect much. Do your best. And give yourself the time and space needed to process your feelings.

I hope your question was answered.


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All the best is wished to you, and yours.


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