What Do You Go Through During A Spiritual Awakening?

Loving the “matrix”

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I think that many people misunderstand what a spiritual awakening is because they associate it with some supernatural event that changes the color of our hairs or eyes, and gives us the ability to move through walls.

This is just superficial information spread by people who want your attention for different reasons.

Basically, a spiritual awakening is just an expansion in your awareness. What does this mean?

Most people on Earth have a very rigid view about life, what it is, how it should be, and what to expect from it.

We’re born, we go to school, we graduate and get a job, we find someone we love (or not really) and make some babies, we take care of our children until they go on their own journeys, we become old, and eventually, we return to the Earth.

This is what most people expect from life, with some variations here and there. This is the “perimeter” of most people’s perception; their awareness is limited to this perimeter. The “3D” perception.

A spiritual awakening, which happens in different ways depending on many factors directly tied to us, expands the perimeter of our awareness — it broadens our perspective about life, it gives us a more holistic view about it, and with this expansion in awareness, our actions/choices change.

Contrary to what most people believe, as we keep progressing on our spiritual path, we go through many such expansions of awareness or spiritual awakenings until eventually, we reach “enlightenment.”

Now coming back to the subject…

We must remember that we are attached to our conception of the world. Most people don’t want to hear that they’re spiritual beings having a human experience. No. They’d rather keep blindly pursuing money, sex, and power. Why? Because of fear. We’re programmed to keep our heads low and pretend we don’t see or hear anything whenever there is a “threat” around us.

Is it wrong? Not at all. Each and everyone of us has been given free will. No one can teach us about ourselves. It is through our own personal direct experience that we learn. Let people do what they want to do. That’s how they learn.

Because of this fear therefore, a spiritual awakening often creates some friction in our lives. We have been accustomed to barbecues, video games, parties, alcohol and what not, and now? All of the sudden, we’re shown a radically different way of living.

It creates some anxiety. We feel tense. We may try to indulge in those pleasures that gave us a sense of comfort. It doesn’t work anymore. We feel even more anxious. We retract from the world, and hide in some place which we hope no one will find us.

Depending on our character as a person; on how our past experiences have built us, on the positive beliefs and principles we have acquired — a spiritual awakening will affect us in different way.

Those who have not learned much in their lives, and who have not paid attention to what their intuition told them regarding the path they should follow are often brought on the spiritual path in chaotic ways.

Those who have grown and learned from their experiences on the other hand will have an easier time coping with this essential step to human evolution.

What should one do during a spiritual awakening?

Not much actually.

You want to be as present with yourself and your life as possible. How can you not be present?

Well, during anxious episodes in our lives, we’re inclined to escape from our feelings of discomfort. At first, it’s okay. But if we persist in our desire to escape, we prove that we’re not ready to evolve and we miss this rare opportunity to grow.

Using a journal to write our experiences down, and being as honest with ourselves as we can, is one of the best ways to process our experiences, and gain some perspective.

Another great practice to successfully navigate the turbulent storms of a spiritual awakening is having regular walks in Nature, and isolated places such as in mountains, or staring at the stars and the Moon at night. Those are not really “practices,” but they help us reconnect with our surroundings. They ground our restless energy — which all contribute to calming ourselves down, and helping us process our experience with cool-headedness.

If you are used to meditation, giving yourself a few minutes of calmness on a daily basis will help you reconnect with yourself on a deeper level.

With all this, you will be able to stay calm, live your life or attend to your duties, and learn from the experience.

Just note that it’s normal, regardless of our level of evolution, to feel unusually emotional and sometimes even irrational. A spiritual awakening literally brings us out of our comfort zone — and pushes into uncharted territories.

That’s how we grow, and learn to embrace change, which is a universal law.

Life is always in movement. Nothing stagnates.

Eventually, as we successfully go through our spiritual awakening, we return to the world we had previously judged and condemned, with love — we see things from a healthier perspective. And we act in ways that are directly aligned with our purpose.

Be sure to be gentle with yourself. We all make mistakes. And they can’t define so long as we learn from them.

I hope this piece brought you some comfort and clarity. Let me know if you have any related questions.

As a final note.

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Many blessings to you.

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