What Combined Spiritual Practices Lead to Awakening?

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Usually, most spirituals are brought to some form of meditation, plenty of reading, and of course — trying/experimenting with different spiritual exercises.

While there is nothing wrong with trying, what most spirituals discover after dabbling with different practices is that it doesn’t feel healthy. Something seems off. And their intuition is right about it.

Even if we are not aware of it, spiritual practices are always moving energy in different ways. Too much of it, for an unprepared “vessel” can lead to challenges.

There are many spiritual practices for different purposes. What matters more than the spiritual practices themselves however, is a foundation, an understanding — a structure within which to use these practices for a specific purpose.

Know that many people will try to sell you their “secrets.” Most people are in it for a quick buck.

They will promise you the Moon. And if you fall for it, that is a lesson learned — so it’s okay.

What you should focus on instead is building a backbone, a structure, a strong understanding about yourself and your surroundings.

Thankfully, you do not need to do anything crazy to reach this level. Just look within. Now I know, you heard it many times and you’re tired of it. I was too.

Looking within simply means paying attention to both, what you are experiencing in your life — but also what these experiences evoke in you.

As an example, you “fell” in love. Your brain is overactive. You can’t stop thinking about the other. And so on. Be aware that you are experiencing “romance.” But also the fact that your partner is evoking/bringing up different thoughts/programmings from your subconscious mind to the surface.

Be in love. But also, pay attention.

What do these thoughts say about your past? Did you get these programs from watching Cinderella as a child? Is it related to listening too much to Rihanna? Perhaps your mother always told you about how she met your father? Maybe it comes from your ancestors and their drive to reproduce?

These conceptions about what love means have all been put in your mind throughout your life. And this applies to all your other conceptions about yourself, about the nature of reality, about your relationship dynamics. And so on.

Looking within simply means using your experiences to become more conscious about all these unconscious processes that maintain the filter through which you perceive, and make sense of life.

As you keep investigating, usually through the use of “practices” such as introspection, journaling, meditation, and other advanced exercises that work with energy, which all have for purpose to bring up what’s “buried” inside — you realize that everything you believed to be “true” has been put in your mind by others, and often, without your “consent.”

This realization is one of the greatest milestones on your path. An awakening of some sorts. It’s the first step to truly embodying your individuality while still being aware that you are a part of the human species.

The rest will be up to how committed you are to your path, which will trigger the universal laws — and you will be sent to the right people and resources for your growth.

Don’t focus too much on the practices. Just look within. Learn about yourself. And the rest will happen organically.


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Best of luck.

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