Is it normal to be happy on your own instead of finding someone special in life?

Follow your path

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Obviously, all of us want to be happy.

The thing is that we have different ideas as to what would make us happy.

For some, it’s a Disney kind of romance. For others, it’s big cars and mansions. For some it’s a title, an achievement, and so on.

Happiness therefore varies from one person to the other. But, the common denominator we all have regarding happiness is this — we have all been programmed to pursue the above because we were told it would bring us everlasting happiness.

This is a story for children.

Most of us have experienced that whenever we reach one of our goals, soon enough — we feel the urge to pursue something else. We could call it “progress.” And sure, it helped us evolve as a world. But once “progress” becomes the reason why we are unhappy, miserable, lonely, artificial and superficial; it’s about time we reflect.

Through these reflections, we realize that whatever we get soon turns into something else. Through these reflections, we realize that nothing outward can truly fulfill us. Through these reflections, we realize that we shouldn’t pursue what we’re told to just to fit into the mold of society.

And that’s when we ask ourselves: What would make me happy?

This is when we begin a beautiful journey within ourselves, and learn to walk our own path.


It is completely normal to be happy on your own; just as normal as being happy because you have found someone to share your life with.

Relationships are a trickier subject because from childhood we are repeatedly told that another human being will make us feel whole; this goes in opposition to universal laws.

We are all sovereign beings, and love is not about being emotionally dependent on one another; that’s what creates so many divorces and frustration within couples.

Even if we are with another person, we must each have our own path and follow our own direction. Being with another shouldn’t come from feeling insecure/needy. Being with another is supposed to be a celebration. We are together because our “cup is full.” We are together because we want to share this abundance with someone else.

Do not live according to others’ ideas and expectations from you. We’re all unique and different. The quicker we embrace our differences, the more in alignment with our path we become.

Some people’s paths are completely opposite to conventional wisdom. Yours may be too. Act on your intuition and natural inclinations. Trust yourself on this one.

If you find yourself in a conventional life; remember that Superman has a regular job too. Don’t let it be an excuse. When you have some free time, explore those things that truly bring the best of you out into the world.

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