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Living between worlds

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As you may well know, we are living in times of transformations— times in which we seem to be moving both, forward and backward.

This may bring up an important question, which only our diligent attention may eventually answer — what is the actual nature of reality?

Could our Newtonian understanding of life be outdated, and limiting? Could life actually be magical, mysterious, and miraculous?

When life hits us in the face, our learned reaction is to resist. We complain, we become cynical, we are depressed and hurt, et cetera. That’s the route most of us take until we run out of tears.

What happens through resistance is that we accumulate more and more dead energies until eventually, we’re so full of them that we feel stuck in our life, stuck in our relationships, stuck in our evolution, etc.

And the worst part about feeling stuck is that we feel powerless to create change. We know what we should be doing, and we could — but we just won’t.

If you’re in such a place right now, I suggest you become “physical.” Just. Do. it. It will act as “medicine” for your subtler bodies (mental and emotional) where challenges are happening.

We have, therefore, yet to learn another way to deal with challenges — one that defies our habituated response, and creates a new pattern in our behavior; a pattern that may not only benefit ourselves but all human beings.

If, instead of making a drama out of our challenges, we chose to “charge” towards it — what would we teach ourselves in the long run?

Let’s keep in mind that our response to difficulty is “automated.” Inherently, we want to avoid pain and that’s totally normal — at least, physically speaking.

What if we couldn’t be “hurt” otherwise though? What if we feel hurt internally out of habit? What if, we feel hurt, because others seem to be hurt at times too? Keep an open mind. And let these questions do their work.

When our outlook on challenging experiences change, we change too.

In its highest expression, a challenge is always an opportunity for us to grow. I know, you know.

How does that happen however? Challenges, especially in the form of transformative experiences – directly touch our subconscious conception about life.

What happens when these “roots” that make up our paradigm are shaken? Our conception of reality is shaken too. What we believed to be true may not feel that true anymore. What we believe to be unimaginable may actually become very real…

Embracing our challenges, instead of resisting them, goes against how we are accustomed to behave.

Doing so is my role as much as it is yours, and everyone else’s. Remember, we are a species – what we do individually affects us collectively.

If we resist, we perpetuate sameness. If we embrace, we have the rare opportunity to live between possibilities – the old, and the new.

And although we may experience some resistance to change – soon enough, the unfolding magic pulls us out of our own way, into a world we never imagined could exist.


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