Do You Need to Believe in a Higher Power to Be Considered Spiritual?

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If I told you to believe in a higher power, how would it change your life?

For a few days, you may feel good about it, but soon enough, your enthusiasm would wear out and get replaced by your conditioning — back to “good ol’ me.”

Is it because it’s pointless to believe in a higher power? Not at all. It’s just that believing at a conscious level isn’t enough to tackle all the limiting beliefs we have accumulated at a subconscious level for many years, which together, constitute “us.”

Secondly, whether you play video games or pray — you don’t need to be considered spiritual because you are always spiritual. You may not be aware of it consciously speaking, but, you are spiritual.

This is a lesson we must all eventually learn; to see the spirituality that pervades Creation regardless of how things may look like from a material perspective. This lesson is a bit more difficult to process however because we have a rigid view about what is right and what is wrong.

Note: Let’s remember that we’re living in the “3D,” a material plane, and so rediscovering our spiritual nature through this plane is quite the feat; that’s why we should all give ourselves some high fives for being here!

The spiritual path encompasses all path; and even doing things that seem non-spiritual still serve the purpose of eventually realizing our spiritual nature.

It’s through experiments that we understand some things are beneficial for us while others aren’t. As we keep choosing more harmonious options, we acquire deeper wisdom until eventually — the puzzle comes together, the riddle is solved, and voila, it all makes sense.

Now coming back to the subject.

As you release your limiting beliefs, which happens by becoming aware of them through a long process of self-exploration, eventually and organically, you get to know your real nature and what you are capable of accomplishing.

This knowledge, not based on books but direct experience, reveals insights about the nature of life and its laws. You realize that “As above, so below, as within, so without,” as an example — which tells you you are a part of the macrocosm, but that you’re also a macrocosm of your own.

Patterns are mirrored in different ways.

Slowly but surely, you revere the Intelligence that built life as you know it. Your connection/relationship with this Intelligence is strengthened. And you could say at this point that building a solid/stronger relationship with this higher power will bring your spirituality to higher levels.

I hope this piece brought you some clarity. If you need additional details, let me know in the comments.

As a final note.

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Many blessings to you.

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