Can Awakening Make the Ego “Disappear”?

Who is right about it?

Photo by Allec Gomes on Unsplash

It seems there is a misunderstanding about “awakening” here.

First of all, there are different levels of awakening.

The “average” Joe quitting his Wall Streets job to pursue a more spiritual life after experiencing a heartbreak is one form of awakening. The advanced spiritual who has released his limitations and realizes his nature as consciousness, and how he is connected to all is another form of awakening.

Awakening is a continuous process. As long as we work on ourselves, we are always awakening to deeper layers of reality.

Why aren’t we awakened in the first place? Because of our unresolved issues coming from past experiences — those that “scarred” us, those that scare us, those that blind us. These thoughts and emotions from our past are the raw materials that form our ego.

Awakening simply means “cleansing” ourselves from these unresolved issues; it happens by healing our emotional and mental wounds. It happens through introspection. It happens with humility. And as we let go all of the burdens we have clung to for too long — we see things in a new light, and that realigns us with reality.

This is how our ego loses its grip over us. It is how we become aware of this grip in the first place, and through this awareness, how more of our higher nature penetrates our physical manifestation. It is a long process however. It demands a lot of persistence, patience, endurance and courage.

Regarding thought; being in the 3D for the most part, our evolution needs some work.

Thought dominates most people’s lives because of their unresolved issues, which have been illustrated above. We think in compulsive ways because we are trying hard to make sense of all the unconscious pressure we carry with us.

This is the only reason why thought has become such a big deal.

Dealing with this pressure is what cancels the compulsion to think. We don’t stop thinking. Thinking stops being compulsive, and returns to its original role of being a tool to help us function on Earth.

As a final note.

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