Why Do You Keep Hiding Your Genius?

Dancing behind the curtains

Would you believe it, if I told you that you were a genius?

No, seriously. Would you?

You see. Most of us have been compared to others. Our parents may have told us that we weren’t as smart as the neighbor’s kid (maybe we didn’t really care about it). Maybe we were told that we weren’t good looking. Maybe, we were always pressurized into being number one.

Those experiences we have been through; it’s easy to believe that they’re ours only. But. The truth is, they’re not.

It’s because we’re absorbed into our daily obligations that we forget we’re part of the same planet. Seen from space, regardless of our differences, we’re all part of the “Pale Blue Dot,” as Carl Sagan said it.

You’re not alone. And your experiences, people have gone through them too. We’re a whole. And what embracing this fact teaches us is to be more compassionate with our fellow human beings because they go through similar challenges as ourselves. But, how do we truly learn compassion?

Unless we’ve learned to be compassionate with ourselves first, with our body, with our skills, with our strengths and weaknesses — we can’t truly be compassionate with others. What we revere in others exists in us first.

Would you believe it, if I told you that you were a genius?

I wouldn’t. I need to do more. I need to read more books, practice more during my free time which I never have, refine my skills, watch all the courses I got but never completed. Maybe. Maybe, only then, will I feel like something close to a genius.

Are we truly supposed to be this perfect to make it in the world?

Let’s be honest. Most of those who achieved the same goals we’re working on, do they look superhuman?

We don’t need to be perfect to make our dreams come true. In fact, sometimes all we need is to be mechanical — go through the different steps — and the “magic” happens. But, would that be enough? Are we supposed to be mindless robots?

No. Way.

We would still feel incomplete. The doubts would continue. Something would be missing. And what is that something?

We put too much pressure on ourselves. Even to this day, we’re still trying to prove something to people from our past. What they told us, how it affected us, and the beliefs that came out of those experiences that still torture our self-esteem.

But if we’re honest with ourselves. We have been through some experiences. We have some stories to tell too. Even if we’re a baby, at least we can teach others how to cry better. Even if we feel like we have nothing to offer, plants need the carbon dioxide we exhale…

What this means is simple: We think we have nothing to offer, but it’s just a thought. Willingness always beats the odds.

Recognizing that we have been through life changing events, and that we have grown wiser as a person. Discarding the limiting beliefs from our past, and refusing to prove a thing to people we probably aren’t even in contact with anymore — this brings us our attention right back to the moment.

And when we’re present, here and now, this something comes out. This something, is the respect we have not given ourselves up to this moment. And from this respect, our genius comes out.

The only reason we feel like we lack what it takes to accomplish our wildest dreams is because of our doubts about our capabilities. The only reason we have doubts is because we keep comparing ourselves to others. And, the only reason we compare ourselves to others is because we were taught to.

Each one of us is walking a unique path. At times, this path may look similar to others’. Most of the time however, it won’t. We can learn what works, and apply it in our lives. Does it guarantee the same results others got? No. And that’s what makes it ours. Our path.

You have all it takes to achieve your dreams. You have been through your experiences in order to be prepared to share with us, what you have learned.

Do not try to live according to someone else. To make our dreams come true, we have to use similar tools. The results however depend on us, on our path, the one that has been created for us.

As a final note.

Most people embarking on the spiritual path, actually, even those who have been on it for a while now, are confused about what they should do due to the conflicting information out there.

What’s the cause? People trying to compensate their lack of understanding through the use of fancy explanations. The result? Confusion.

The spiritual path shouldn’t be confusing. It requires simple directives and consistency on your part. If you resonate with those teachings, I wrote a book with the only purpose of helping you understand what the main blocks to spiritual growth are, how to overcome them, and grow spiritually as a result. Check the book here.

Thank you for reading!

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