How to Avoid Drowning in Your Own Thoughts

The subject that puzzle most spirituals

It’s true that certain practices, which will be suggested later, do help still our mind. But a more important question we should ask ourselves first is, why do we constantly bombard ourselves with thoughts?

As crazy as it may sound, some people believe that their own mind is an external entity that subjects them to thoughts. The truth is, it’s not. The content of our mind is all the experiences we have been through. It’s our story. It’s what we consider to be “us.”

You see, most of us believe that it is normal to think like a machine 24/7; after all, everyone seems to be as lost in their minds as we are. Whether it’s at school or at work, no one points out the fact that thinking compulsively is unnatural.

So we believe it must be part of living, and then go on and on thinking for the rest of our lives. Because the Universe is generous however, we may be given glimpses of what a mind freed from compulsive thoughts may feel like.

Perhaps we may suddenly feel calm or in awe during a walk in Nature. Maybe the beauty of a sunset makes us forget everything. Or maybe, we go through an intense experience that brings out strong emotions until eventually, the shock is so powerful that we break out of our bubble, and feel absolutely calm.

The examples are endless. And most of us have experienced such events.

Realizing that such a state of being exists, one that is free of thoughts, and more importantly, how the freedom from compulsive thinking puts us at peace while giving us access to a higher understanding of Life — opens our eyes to the fact that thinking 24/7 isn’t “normal.”

And this inevitably pushes us to ask the question: How do I not drown myself in my own thoughts?

To accomplish this purpose, there are two solutions.

The first one is short-term; you use different practices such as:

  1. Meditation: Nothing complicated. All you do is get comfortable, close your eyes, and simply focus on each inhale and exhale. If you start thinking, simply revert back to focusing on your breath while being purely aware of whatever comes up
  2. Physical activity: We are beings of energy. Thankfully, we made our lives more comfortable today. Still, our body were designed for specific activities. The more energy we have, which we accumulate through foods and beverages/less activity due to the modern sedentary lifestyle, the more “charged” we are. This surplus energy has to go somewhere. If we don’t move/work to dissipate it, then it goes to our mind and fuels thinking. Physical exercises shouldn’t be crazy. A walk or some movements help

The second solution is long-term. And it’s about focusing on our healing, which is what the spiritual path is about.

The main reason behind why we’re always thinking is related to our mental and emotional wounds, which we have gathered throughout our lives.

No one teaches us how to process our feelings. So we battle them, and they remain in our subconscious forming different limiting beliefs. Because those beliefs are not in alignment with the reality of life; there is a conflict in us, and this conflict is the cause behind our endless mental chattering.

Combined with the practices above, having a journal as well as processing our feelings in whatever way suits us best is the best way to let go of our past, accept and forgive ourselves as we are, and embrace life from a healthier perspective.

I hope this piece brought you some clarity on the subject. If you have any additional questions relating to it, be sure to ask them in the comments.

As a final note.

Most people embarking on the spiritual path, actually, even those who have been on it for a while now, are confused about what they should do due to the conflicting information out there.

What’s the cause? People trying to compensate their lack of understanding through the use of fancy explanations. The result? Confusion.

The spiritual path shouldn’t be confusing. It requires simple directives and consistency on your part. If you resonate with those teachings, I wrote a book with the only purpose of helping you understand what the main blocks to spiritual growth are, how to overcome them, and grow spiritually as a result. Check the book here.

Thank you for reading!

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