What is the Best Way to Realize the Illusory Nature of this World?

Is there any way to become free from it or escape from it?

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In how you have articulated your question, your intention is obvious. You seek an escape. You have probably sought this escape in other ways until eventually, you came across a spiritual teaching that told you this world is illusory.

It’s true. But would you believe it if your bills weren’t paid at the end of the month? Would you believe it if your phone was stolen? Would you believe if your life or job was at risk?

I’m sorry about these examples, there are more extreme cases but, may God protect you from harm. I just want to help you realize that it’s easy to entertain ourselves with interesting ideas such as the one that says the world is illusory in nature — but it becomes quite another matter when we’re put to test to prove that in fact, we have realized the illusory nature of the world.

Why is that?

Because deep inside, under your regular daily thoughts, you have deeper governing thoughts about the nature of reality and yourself. Most of these thoughts you inherit from being born on Earth; they are directives in some ways (reproduction, self-preservation, fear of death, etc.). Others of them are programmed into your subconscious throughout your childhood, and up into your adult life.

These governing thoughts are called “limiting beliefs.” And most of the time, unless we have been working very diligently on ourselves for quite the period, we are unaware of those beliefs which govern, and shape our lives.

Going more deeply…

Deep inside each one of us, there is an urge to break free. But break free from what?

We may think that we want to break free from poverty, and then pursue wealth. We may think we want to break free from loneliness, and then pursue relationships. We may think we want to break free from boredom, and then pursue spirituality. Et cetera.

As we put our hands on each of these “prizes” however, we realize that it’s not enough. We want more. We pursue more. We get more. But then again, it feels as empty as what we got previously. At this point, our experiences have turned us into a compulsive machine, and we may take the route of addiction.

Freedom, therefore, is less about outer conditions. And more about how our beliefs distort our perception and make us feel compressed — when in fact, nothing is truly compressing us, except for our beliefs.

Yes, there may be cases when we’re actually being pressurized by the outer world, and it’s up to us to find practical solutions.

Now answering your question more directly, yes, as you release your limiting beliefs and preconceived notions/assumptions about the nature of reality and yourself — sure enough, what truly is gets revealed. Your perception of reality changes. You are still you with your life; but, you approach things differently.

Most people speaking about the “illusory” nature of the world usually talk about detachment too. Detachment however isn’t an act of will, you don’t detach from things. Instead, detachment happens naturally as you release your limiting beliefs, which in turn release your attachments, and ultimately make you feel more “loosened” in your life.

The world we’re in at this moment has been created for a very specific reason, and we are here for a very specific purpose. Making the best out of this opportunity is the fastest way to realizing its illusory nature, appreciating its sacredness and beauty, learning our life lessons from a light heart, and living as we were designed to.

I hope this piece brought you some clarity on the subject. Let me know if you have related questions in the comments.

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