The True of Meaning Freedom Most People Miss

You don’t go out to the world for money, relationships and recognition

Consciously, we are aware that we are doing certain things to get certain outcomes we feel are worth the cause. But more deeply, do we set out to do the things we do just for those “prizes”?


Most human beings are bruised by the lies they have been told. Lies they believe in today. Lies that may limit their happiness and wellbeing tomorrow.

When you come from a place where all you have been told is how incapable you are. Naturally, if you are lucky to still be a fighter, you aspire to accomplish things. Not for the reasons you may think however.

The fruits of our endeavors are just that, toys. They feel good, they allow us to have newer experiences, and in the physical world, they give us more possibilities.

The reason we set goals and go out to make them happen however has more to do with what we learn from the journey. The true fruit we consume from those adventures is the knowledge of what we’re truly capable of.

And having the “nutrients” of this fruit flowing through our veins is wealth. The only, true, wealth which is, wisdom. The knowledge, and the understanding that we are free to accomplish whatever we set our mind to — as long as we question all those lies we believed in, all those bars we caged ourselves in, all our self-imposed limitations.


We do what we do for lucrative reasons. It is natural. We have to do so in order to function in the world. But what we are always seeking is freedom. In one way or another, through money, parties or prayers — we are always looking for freedom.

And while freedom may mean different things for different people. We are all human beings.

At the end of the day, we are all in this Earthly journey together, and only with the help of each other, will we be able to “make it through,” which means, live healthily for ourselves and harmoniously with each other.

As a final note.

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