Are Angels Real?

The beauty behind this powerful, symbolic teaching

Unless we’ve been living in a cave for most of our lives, which is unlikely if we’re reading this now, we have heard of “angels.”

Angels, with their wings and trumpets, are often symbolized as “guardians” or “guides” each one of us has somewhere around our shoulders. While the symbolism is nice, how can we make the matter practical so that it actually serves us in our daily lives? Because it’s one thing to believe in angels when our lives run smoothly, and quite another matter to even think of angels when we drown in negativity.

So, what are angels? When I ask the question, I see a mix of white and golden light. What does this symbol mean? Angels are beings of light. But what is light, and how can this symbol be practical in my daily life?

As human beings, we’ve seen the atrocities some souls have done throughout our history, while it feels “cruel” to say that it was neither right or wrong, it is a fact because we, ourselves, are not always honest with ourselves when it comes to owning everything we did throughout our lives. It’s okay to make mistakes, we’re here to learn after all, what’s not so okay is to dwell on the past.

While some people have behaved in destructive ways, it is said in spiritual and religious teachings that everyone has angels around them. So, whether it was the “worst” possible human being, or the “best,” everyone has angels around them.

If we think about it, what can be derived from such an observation?

It’s simple. Angels are safeguards that Life put in place. Life is created on a solid foundation of Love, and an intention to discover/know ourselves through the experiences we have in the physical world. Angels are therefore “emissaries” of Life’s foundation.

No matter who we are, no matter where we are. No matter how bright our light shines, or how dim it is — these sparks of light, which are called “angels,” guides, or guardians are always around us.

Human beings often condemn each other. We see someone behave in a negative way, and we react emotionally to that person, judging or condemning her in some way. Truth is, Life doesn’t condemn. If it was truly a problem, then it wouldn’t exist in the first place. Therefore, no matter how much we judge ourselves or others, the sparks of light still surround us. And what this says is that no one is a hopeless case.

Neither us, or whoever we may think is a lost case, is. Whether we’re at the height of what a human being can accomplish, or at the bottom of hell, metaphorically speaking — these sparks of light, the voice of “God,” is still with us.

And what this ultimately means is that, there is no way to fail at Life. You may think you did, but that’s just a thought you believe in. There is no way to fail at Life, because this is all a game we are using to grow in awareness — remember our true nature, what we are truly capable of accomplishing, and more!

It’s a blessing to live, and considering the endless avenues and alternatives a soul living in this third dimension has — “an eye for an eye,” feeling guilty or ashamed, survival matters, craving power and status, losing oneself in pleasures, drowning in hatred and so on; to read spiritual materials, to come across people that bring more positivity and growth in your life, to feel grateful for what you have because it is a luxury to be able to read such things peacefully etc., is so unlikely.

Yet here you are. You have attracted this into your life right now. You are growing. And you should really be congratulating yourself for having come so far. You’re not better than others, and they’re not better than you. It’s just a matter of choices we made which brought us here. And it’s so beautiful.

Never lose sight of your direction, and even if sometimes it feels like you failed, I’m sorry to discourage self-pity but you didn’t — you’re actually farther on your evolutionary journey than you realize. And the sparkles of light around you, your angels, are proof that you can never fail. Keep it up. Extend your love. Fight to reach those heights. But more importantly, always love with all your heart.

As a final note.

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