Is it Possible to Achieve True Spirituality Through Constant Introspection?

Wise words.

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Have people try to force rituals on you?

Do you have a bad experience with practices, perhaps they made you feel like something wasn’t right, or aligned with the person you are?

As you may well know, everyone wants to fix everyone else. The motives vary. Some do it for money. Others because they want to save the world. And a rarer portion of people do it simply because they want to help from their heart.

For this reason, rituals and spiritual practices exist in millions. There are so many of them that it’s hard to make sense of which one to use, which one is best for us (because we are all different in “configurations”) and which one we should avoid at all costs.

Just keep in mind that rituals exist in many forms, and each one of them (at least the real ones) was designed to accomplish a certain objective in the physical domain.

Basically, we use rituals to move the subtler forms of energies — through focus, we concentrate energy, and through intent, we direct this energy. With constant practice, eventually, the energy that has been concentrated and directed in a specific way “manifests” in the physical domain.

We do this using our mind in different ways.

The thing with rituals however is that, most people are not aware of their own “configurations.” They don’t know where they are, and using rituals and practices without proper understanding can create a clash in energies that can bring troubles.

Unless you have an understanding about these matters therefore, not from books but from your own experience — it’s best to focus on yourself. I think this brings us back to your point of being constant in your introspection.

And believe it or not, if you can be constant enough with this self-observation, you won’t need any rituals. Sure, rituals and practices have their benefits if we are lucky to learn about them from a trusted source.

Just know that, if it’s not aligned with you, you don’t need it.

Look into yourself. Be with yourself.

And in time, through this self-understanding, you will release many limiting conceptions and assumptions about your nature, and the nature of reality — which will naturally “unlock” many things in your life.

Wishing you the best on your journey.

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