Is Astrology Fake?

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Before we dive into the subject, it’s essential to be aware that many people want you to believe many things.

Do not let yourself be influenced by people trying to impose their beliefs on you.

Those who try too hard to prove something to you are definitely emotionally attached to their opinions, because they give them meaning, but being attached doesn’t necessarily rhyme with reason.

To understand what we’re talking about, we need facts. How do we get facts?

Through observation. Observation means throwing away our biases, even if for a few minutes, and looking at things with fresh eyes.

Is Astrology true? Is it not? We must admit to ourselves that we don’t know for sure. So we place our biases in the closet, and we set out on an adventure to gather some facts.

First of all, you don’t need to believe whether it is fake or not. We believe when we’re unsure.

What Astrology does and teaches us is simple. Celestial bodies influence us. Is this an outrageous statement?


The Sun influences us. Without sunlight, we wouldn’t be alive. The Sun gives life to Earth, and out of these combined efforts between the Sun and the Earth, we, as well as all other life forms sprout out.

The same can be said about the Moon.

Without the Moon, life on Earth would be very different. There are many studies you can find with some research regarding the Moon and its influence on earthlings.

As an example, it has been documented that on full Moon periods, people become more volatile. The police in the UK actually deploys more agents on full Moon nights to prevent violence.

Astrology also associates the Moon with the mind. The Moon is the most restless of celestial bodies. It completes its orbit around the Earth in 28 days (27.3 to be precise), going through many phases in the process.

Mind means many things for many people. But restless, change of moods, overthinking — you can see an association.

There are also other observations regarding other planets.

You can do your own research on the subject. Look at the information we’ve gathered up to now on celestial bodies. If you reach a ceiling, that’s okay, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of your research. Science is always learning about Life’s wonders. If science hasn’t grasped a truth for now, be sure that in time, as it did, it will. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep researching.

The important thing to keep in mind right now is to be unbiased. Before we became attached to pure science, we were more attached to beliefs, mythologies and our egos, and it cost us our lives through major extinctions.

What we’re learning now is to bring both, science and spirituality together, so that we go beyond our limitations and prosper as a whole.

To implement this: You can easily know where each celestial body is located at right now. There are apps and celestial maps. Then you note how you feel today, what sorts of events happened in your life, and so on. In time, you will have some data, which will reveal patterns and trends.

This is how we get to see whether or not Astrology is fake. This is how we get “proof.” Learn from both, astrologers and astronomers. Keep an open-mind. Most of the time you will notice that each of them is somehow biased. It’s normal. Remain open. And discern what is needed for your research, and what is not.

And as said, no need to believe anything.

You know Paris is the capital of France — even if some may believe it’s Lourdes or Les Champs-Élysées…

As a final note.

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