Do Negative Emotions Block Unconditional Love?

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Love is the binding force of Creation.

To use an analogy, you can think of love as an ocean flowing through the “pipes” of life.

Negative emotions are obstacles to the flow of love.

A note: By negative, we imply emotions that are not beneficial to our growth.

Now, we’re all living in an “ocean” of love if you will.

Why does it seem like there’s no love in the world? Because of our beliefs. What we believe in adds a layer to what we perceive. Limiting beliefs distort perception. If we’re always watching the news and taking in all the negativity it spreads as an example, we believe that we live in a dangerous world (limiting belief), and this belief affects our day to day lives.

Now coming back to your question.

You don’t need to “maintain” love towards another person.

Love doesn’t require effort. It’s natural. It comes out when its path is freed. To free its path, you need to work on yourself. It’s that simple.

This is what the spiritual path is all about. And all you do is question your beliefs. We accumulate beliefs through our family, our friends, our community, what we consume, but also human beliefs we naturally inherit from being born on Earth.

Become aware of your recurring thoughts and reactions. Start small. Start now.

With time, you will see that the patterns in your behavior, whether mentally, emotionally or physically, mostly originate from your environment.

Then, through this observation, you will naturally discard what blocks your growth, and keep what enhances it — because at higher levels, everything is perfect. The way we have been built is directly linked to our life’s purpose. And as long as we remain dedicated to our path, Life sends us the best experiences for maximum alignment with our purpose.

As you release what is not yours, you become curious about your real nature. Who/what could you be? What could life be about?

By remaining committed to this journey, you free — one step at a time — love’s passage, until you simply radiate it by your own presence.

Some tips: Be patient with yourself. And don’t judge your emotions. It’s okay to feel what we feel, as long as we remain aware of those emotions, and remain committed to understanding their cause.

As a final note.

Most people embarking on the spiritual path, actually, even those who have been on it for a while now, are confused about what they should do due to the conflicting information out there.

What’s the cause? People trying to compensate their lack of understanding through the use of fancy explanations. The result? Confusion.

The spiritual path shouldn’t be confusing. It requires simple directives and consistency on your part. If you resonate with those teachings, I wrote a book with the only purpose of helping you understand what the main blocks to spiritual growth are, how to overcome them, and grow spiritually as a result. Check the book here.

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