The Relationship Between High Vibrations & Consciousness Expansion

Grounding the Divine on Earth

Life as we know it exists in different “layers.”

The layer we’re in right now is usually called the “3D.”

By now, most people know what the 3D is all about. Take a look at our current world; competition, greed, pleasures, survival, jealousy, violence, etc.

For most people living on Earth, this is the only type of life that exists. And that is why they spend their lives revolving around the themes above.

There is nothing wrong with it. Life made it this way. We all have free will. And some souls, actually, billions of them, chose to experience their lives in such a way.

To use an analogy, the 3D however is just a branch in the tree of Life. Just as money is just a branch in the tree of Life. Life is immense, varied and rich. There’s not just one way to experience it.

As an example, money has its use — but it’s not everything.

The fact that most people have a tunnel-vision when it comes to normal matters such as work, worries, stress, sex, wealth, reproduction and so on — shows that this is the limit up to which their consciousness has expanded.

Remember: Our cells have lives of their own; microbes, parasites, bacteria, photons, and so on, they all have lives of their own. The same can be said about Mother Earth, the Sun, and so on. Their consciousness also expanded up to a certain point. “Below” us, and “above” us therefore, there are different layers of existence.

Now, physically, yes, we are limited by our body’s physics. John can’t decrease his body size down to that of a photon and experience a photon’s life.

As consciousness however, we are not bound by normal physics. As consciousness — we can contract or expand.

That’s how spirituals are eventually capable of experiencing Oneness. Their body is still limited by physical laws (unless their vibration has been raised up to a certain level), but as consciousness — they are One with all life everywhere. That’s what spirituals call reaching “enlightenment.”

The levels or layers above the 3D can be called higher vibrations domains.

As we keep reaching higher and higher levels of vibrations, which happens by understanding ourselves, forgiving ourselves, forgiving others, releasing the past, letting go of sacred cows, and being committed to learning about who we are and what life is all about (the spiritual path); our consciousness naturally expands to encompass more of the “branches” in the tree of Life.

Yes, physically speaking we still exist in a 3D world with its rules and regulations, but, as consciousness, we also embody higher qualities that come from higher vibration domains such as love, compassion, care, kindness, inclusion, cooperation and so on.

This is how we ground the Divine on Earth. This is how matter and divinity are merged. This is the relationship between higher vibrations and consciousness expansion.

I hope this explanation was easy to follow. If you have any related questions, be sure to put them in the comments.

As a final note.

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