In What Ways Does The Divine Communicate With Us?

Asked to answer by a reader

We live in a cooperative environment. David Wilcock calls it “The Source Field,” I think Gregg Braden calls it “The Divine Matrix.” The name doesn’t really matter because everyone calls it the way they want, and that’s fine.

What we observe as consciousness is a projection of what’s in us. If we believe in scarcity and suffering as an example, that’s what we perceive. If we believe that life is abundant, that’s what we’ll perceive, and our actions will be aligned with such a belief. Reality can be experienced in a multitude of ways that depend on our beliefs. Breaking out of collective limiting beliefs is the work of all those who are serious about their spiritual path.


What’s out there and what’s in us are not separated from each other. At first, this is not obvious but as we do our research, question our conditioning and work on releasing many assumptions we hold unconsciously about our nature and our relationship to one another, to our planet and so on (the work of many years) — we realize this principle from the depth of our being, which is, there is an underlying connection between everything that is.

You and I, as an example, are “pieces” of the same Earth. Our Mother Earth is also a piece of the solar system, and so on. Creation placed everything in perfect measure for the life we take for granted to be as it is.

Our “average,” rudimentary level of consciousness on Earth may make it seem like we’re separated from one another, and such a belief will obviously shape our behavior (greed, selfishness, destruction, carelessness, and so on.) But that’s just a belief among many other. Food for thought: Advanced spirituals don’t hold similar beliefs.

Once we perceive the connection we have with everything around us, we realize that we live in an intelligent environment and that this environment “speaks” with us in many ways. Some people call it “synchronicity.”

You could be having a problem with a situation, and then you pick up a book that talks about how to deal with your situation in a surprisingly precise manner. Sometimes it happens through a movie, others through music. Sometimes through number sequences, others through a person that says/does something, or through a dream. The mediums are endless. What matters is our intent (how sincere we are in wanting assistance for a real problem we are facing). As long as we are sincere and demonstrate courage — guidance will come.

There is a lot of sugar-coated, watered-down stuff in the spiritual communities that mislead many spiritual seekers. Ensuring we establish the right foundations right from the start of our spiritual journey is key to our healing and growth. To help you do that, I wrote a book called “Spiritual Transition,” which will help you demystify spiritual blockages that prevent you from growing further, heal yourself and prepare for the path ahead. Give the book a look here.

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