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Soul & Meaning “Retrieval”

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What are you pursuing? Wealth, love, accomplishments?

What are your responsibilities? A family, a community, a whole country, the world perhaps?

And how do you feel about it? Excited but low at times, overworked but unable to rest, understanding of the situation but also kind of confused and lost, surrounded but often lonely, alive but dried up?

We all have an idea about what would finally make us feel like we’re “done.” Like we made it. “Finally.” A home, a certain amount of money, a person, an accomplishment of some sort.

The moment we get that thing however, we want more of it.

How do we get more money out our enterprise? How do we feel more loved and desired by our romantic partner? How do we maintain the public’s attention? And so on.

We had a goal. We made it happen. We have another goal. We’ll probably make it happen. And then a newer goal will emerge out of it. So on and so forth.

In the pursuit of those goals, our perspective becomes narrowed.

The only thing that matters isn’t the family for which we’re wanting to make the money, but the money itself. Accomplishing a “superhuman” feat in order to prove ourselves we can achieve whatever we want isn’t what matters anymore, but the vanity that comes out of it.

Human beings are exceptional. Our potential is limitless. The world is our oyster. The variety of our desires, and the diversity we have to bring those desires into being are infinite.

Yet, our focus is not. And perspective is everything.

When we become so focused on our goal, it’s true that we can make big things happen. But when, through those goals, we lose sight of the bigger picture — our attachment to the “prize” becomes stronger, and our relationship to Creation (our loved ones, our planet, the cosmos) weaker.

That’s why there’s so much dryness at the top. We are celebrated, and we are celebrating — but there is a hole within us. And we fill this hole with distractions and pleasures. A classic.

This is a lesson we all have to learn at some point, especially for spiritual seekers. Living means being involved with daily affairs. Being involved with worldly matters however can quickly absorb us into an unhealthy life.

We are supposed to have desires, and goals coming out of those desires. We are supposed to make things happen, and use the world to understand ourselves and our relationship with it at deeper levels.

No matter what we set out to accomplish though, our goal should never become our only reason of being. We are surrounded by beauty, by miracle and magic. It’s special to be human.

We are pieces of the Earth, and our planet is a “piece” of other bodies. We are connected to one another in mysterious and miraculous ways. This is the bigger picture. The look of a dog, the silent vibrancy of the woods, the eternity of a mountain. This is the bigger picture.

Only once you have deeply connected with the bigger picture, pursue your goals. It will be much more fun. You will feel supported. And you will remember, along the way, why you are doing what you are doing.

How do you that? You can meditate for a few minutes everyday. You can pray and commune with the Divine, with “God,” with “Source,” or simply with Creation. However you connect, just connect regularly.

As a final note.

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