How and when can I expect a spiritual awakening?

You’re interested in the subject of spiritual awakening if 1) you were informed about it through people, YouTube, books or the media in general, and would like to experience it for yourself or, 2) you have an above-average inclination towards your spiritual growth.

If you’re in the first case, it’s true that a spiritual awakening is a big event in a soul’s evolutionary journey, but it places important demands on those souls — and to overcome the challenges these demands put on us, **we need to be truly committed to the path**. Unless you come from such a place, let it happen in its own time. The fact that you’re interested in it denotes that it will happen soon. There are no “coincidences” in Life.


If you’re in the second case, you’ve probably been spiritually inclined for a big part of your life. Where most people were okay with things as they were, it didn’t make sense to you. “Normal” was everything but “normal.” So you questioned the world’s ways, and became very curious, and started learning and embracing things most people would call “crazy.”

In this case, your spiritual awakening probably happened without you noticing it. Sometimes yes, spiritual awakening can be intense, especially when our beliefs are shattered to pieces because we’re forced to embrace reality as it is — whether or not we “like” it. This happens when we resist the invitation to expand beyond our narrow worldviews. Life always sends us cues, guidance and assistance for our growth. The more we ignore them, the louder the cues get…

Most of the time however, a spiritual awakening is rather “normal.” You thought things were one way, and now you understand that they’re another way. The quicker you embrace it. The more normal your spiritual awakening is.

As much as the choice is in your hands. We’re also in Life’s Arms. You can picture us as particles constructed for evolution. Eventually, it happens.

In the meantime, have fun, be nice, and make an effort to improve yourself — by understanding yourself — and things will happen organically.

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