If We Lack Ego, What Have We Gained?

Forgiving and accepting ourselves

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We can’t lack ego if we’re still thinking about gains…

As long as we’re living on Earth, which is assumed to be the case if you’re reading this, we can’t lack ego. The ego and life on Earth comes in a “package deal.” Those who tell you they lost their egos or went through an “ego death” are trying to fool you, but especially themselves.

We have turned the ego into an enemy. What we don’t often see is that, our ego is constructed, and maintained, by our past.

Every experience we have been through, and all the emotions/thoughts those experiences have generated, which we have not processed — turned into limiting beliefs. These limiting beliefs are the “raw materials” that hold our ego together.

Obviously, it goes beyond that too.

When born on Earth, we “inherit” instincts our bodies have kept for survival purposes. You could say that their the “legacy” our ancestors gave us through genes. Here are a few of those instincts: reproduction, the pursuit of pleasures and the avoidance of pain, energy saving, conformity to routines and resistance to change, and so on.

You can think of this dimension of existence as the 3rd grade. Because we’re deeply invested in our daily lives, we believe that life as we know it must be the only type of life that exists, when in fact, it’s not.

For the most part, we forgot the bigger picture. The picture of how small, ultimately, our planet is in the Cosmos, and beyond. Doesn’t it fascinate you? We’re conscious beings in a pale blue dot! Life/Creation is huge!

This means that life in its wholeness isn’t only about “survival of the fittest,” or an “eye for an eye.” Each “grade” or dimension, has a curriculum. What is true for us on Earth, as an example, taking revenge on those who wronged us, isn’t true for higher dimensions. It’s just a belief here in the 3rd grade.

And that is why, as souls, we come in this plane of existence. We came here to practice what we are not, in order to find who we have always been. Will we eventually stop giving in to our instincts, and start bringing more light to our behavior? Or will we be another civilization buried by time?

The choice is ours. We all have free will.

This process happens organically as we understand the consequences of our selfish actions (or service to self), and choose a different, more harmonious way of doing things.

This process can also be accelerated through consciously choosing to embark on the spiritual path.

And what is the spiritual path about?

The spiritual path has only one purpose — to help us question our 3rd grade beliefs, heal the emotions and thoughts that hold them together, and through this healing, regain clarity and realize our true nature.

As we do so, we’re still on Earth in our bodies, but, we embody a different quality or essence. We’re the same from an external perspective, but something has changed. We know it. And others notice it too.

As we understand why we’re here, who/what we are, we feel a new quality of peace.

Even though our ego is still there; its grip over us is lighter. We understand that it’s a tool we get for experiencing life on Earth, and with that understanding, we’re free to enjoy our lives, and learn as much as we can from them. The very reason why we’re here in the first place.

In conclusion, yes, it may seem like you lose your ego but you don’t, you need it — it’s just that its grip is loosened, and you are freer to enjoy your life, and learn from every experience. That’s a nice remuneration if you want to talk about gains, don’t you think?

As a final note.

Most people embarking on the spiritual path, actually, even those who have been on it for a while now, are confused about what they should do due to the conflicting information out there.

What’s the cause? People trying to compensate their lack of understanding through the use of fancy explanations. The result? Confusion.

The spiritual path shouldn’t be confusing. It requires simple directives and consistency on your part. If you resonate with those teachings, I wrote a book with the only purpose of helping you understand what the main blocks to spiritual growth are, how to overcome them, and grow spiritually as a result. Check the book here.

Thank you for reading!

P.S: Another article was written on the same topic a few days ago. If you have a few more minutes to spare for your own healing, you can read it for free here.

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