If God Encompasses Good & Evil, Why is it Said God is a Force of Good?

The devil with the white flag

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First of all, what do we mean by “good” and “evil”?

Good is what promotes your growth, your wellbeing, as well as your harmonious relationship with everything else that exists (people, animals, plants, planets, stars, etc).

Evil, on the other hand, is what hinders your growth, it is what destroys your wellbeing, and creates chaos for others.

In practical terms, especially when it comes to dealing with worldly matters, we want to do as much good as we can. That’s it. As long as we do our best, and continually strive to develop/grow as a person, we are doing everything we can and that is what matters.

The same can be said about evil. We want to avoid it as much as possible, and if we are given a chance to prevent it; let’s say we see someone stealing someone else’s wallet — we want to assist the person who has been stolen, and report the thief to the relevant authority.

Now, although good is much more better than evil in terms of promoting our growth at a personal level, but also at the level of our species — we shouldn’t fall into the trap of being biased. And unfortunately, this is what happens for the most part.

People praise good. People look at the world through rose-colored-glasses. And although it’s noble; only wanting to look at the world in a certain way disconnects us from reality.

Reality contains both, the good and the “evil.”

Destruction is as necessary as creation. Both complement each other.

And as said, as long as we are doing our best to stay on the “good” side, that’s what matters, but it doesn’t mean we should condemn or refuse to look at reality in its full manifestation — which contains both the good, and the evil. The light and the darkness. The bliss and the pain.

When we condemn something, such as “evil,” it means we are condemning some aspects of ourselves.

When we refuse to look at reality in its full manifestation, it means we refuse to look at ourselves in our full manifestation; we are biased, we only look at our “greatness” while running away from our “shadow.”

Without the Yin, there is no Yang…

As spirituals, our role is actually to be a mediator between both our aspects; this is how they integrate. And when they do, we are “whole.” We stop looking for validation. We feel complete. We are content. We are bold. Etc. This is true confidence.

For our aspects to integrate, for the Yin (Feminine) and the Yang (Masculine) to come together — we need to be courageous enough to look at ourselves “naked.”

We must see for ourselves that those things we condemn in others — we condemn them in ourselves first.

We must be very calm for the bigger picture to be revealed.

We must be purely aware. Unbiased. Free to look at ourselves. Free from opinions, condemnations, prejudices, as well as all the noise the world has put into our mind.

And as we do so, naturally, we release our attachments to good, and our condemnations of evil.

This doesn’t mean we encourage evil actions afterward, quite the contrary — through the wisdom we’ve acquired by processing our own stuff, we have more capabilities to change things.

Why? Because our energy isn’t scattered into emotional and mental distortions anymore. We are calmer, and therefore more efficient at creating change.

This is self-mastery.

Coming back to your question therefore; the Creator is indeed a Universal Force of Good — this force of good however can only be understood as we release our biases, our limiting beliefs, and open ourselves to wisdom. To open ourselves to wisdom, we need to be humble.

That’s what Jesus meant when he said:

And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

— Matthew 18:3

What can you do about it now?

Focus on yourself. Look into yourself. Question your conditioning (what you were brought up to believe to be true). Acknowledge the fact that you may not have all the answers yet. And from such a freer place, open yourself to learning new ways from those who have accomplished your goals/became wiser. Ways that are aligned with universal laws.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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Many blessings.

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