Can Spiritually Awakened People Still Experience Negative Emotions?

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Contrary to what most people think, a spiritual awakening isn’t the be-all end-all of the spiritual path; it’s actually the start.

It’s true that a spiritual awakening is a fantastic event in one’s life with many promises of growth, expansion, and comprehension.

Most people however do not deal with it in ways that could promote their growth. Very often, the intensity of such an experience leaves most souls confused, and often in “darkness” for quite some time.

This comes from the fact that for many years, we have been accustomed to a rather simplistic view of reality. We were told what to do. We had a pattern established. And we thought that life would follow this movie-like pattern.

To our big surprise however, it did not. Instead, we were forced out of our comfort zone, and showed a totally different conception of reality — one that stretched our tiny world into one that seems to be both frightening and full of wonders.

This step in our evolutionary path is an invitation. An invitation like the one Morpheus gave to Neo. Will you swallow the blue pill and return to the mechanical life you have always been used to? Or, will you swallow the red one, and follow your unquenchable thirst for wisdom?

While there is an initial ecstasy after choosing to embark on the spiritual journey; soon enough, this ecstasy is replaced by intense emotions that seem to hit us from all directions.

You can picture the spiritual path as being a process of purification. As a soul, you chose to incarnate on Earth to experience different events, and extract life lessons from them. That’s how you expand in awareness, and earn wisdom.

Throughout your many initial experiences however, you did not know how to process your experiences. This means that some of them marked you in strong ways. They created limiting beliefs that influence how you perceive and comprehend the world around you.

Your purpose as a soul is actually to “remember” your initial state of freedom and clarity (enlightenment) from immersing yourself in the material world.

This is what the spiritual path is about.

Now, purification means bringing everything you have buried within yourself up to the surface. Things should be more obvious by now. Bringing everything up means dealing with it. Unless we deal with our negative emotions and thoughts, we do not progress.

All the tools you see in spiritual teachings such as meditation, chanting, spiritual practices of all kinds and so on, have for purpose to help you deal with what comes up.

The only difference between a spiritually awakened person, and a person who has not awakened is that the former consciously deals with those negative emotions (using different tools) while the latter usually escapes them in different ways.

To answer your question more specifically now, yes — a person who has awakened spiritually does experience negative emotions; it’s just that such a person accepts it as being part of life, and therefore, deals with it in ways that promote further spiritual growth.

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