How Can We Be Certain Our Life is Changing For the Better?

Hope and belief

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It’s important to understand that most of us are conditioned to find our situation unacceptable. We are always bombarded with all sorts of influences that tell us what an ideal life should like, and why we should step on each other to get our piece of the pie.

This is marketing. Not reality.

Another important point to understand is that in general, we have made our lives way easier than they used to be. Whatever we want is just a few “clicks” away. The fact that we’re habituated to such conditions makes us take things for granted; we become bored and unappreciative.

Having all those contradicting thoughts battling within us, most of us turn out to be quite emotional and anxious about our lives.

And because we’re emotionally invested into our life’s situation — we become biased. We form a rigid view about how things should be, and when they don’t (Spoiler alert: they rarely do), we break apart.

It’s true that we could all be doing better if such and such happened. Yet, things are the way they are at this exact point in space and time. That’s a fact. Also, things aren’t as bad as our mind would like to believe.

Life isn’t easy, but it’s not complicated either.

Plus, the more we complain about our life’s situation, the less grateful we are. And without gratefulness, it’s impossible to drink at the “Fountain of Youth.” Without gratefulness, it’s impossible to know with conviction what it really means to live.

This doesn’t mean we should accept whatever situation we find ourselves in and pretend all is fine when clearly, nothing is.


Gratefulness naturally comes out of us as we heal ourselves from the many distorted beliefs we have accumulated in our subconscious mind. Gratefulness naturally comes out of us once we have organized our mental, emotional and physical processes. And we can’t have those processes organized if we’re putting on a smile while feeling miserable inside.

In the immediate moment, what we can do about it is:

  1. Learning acceptance. Before taking any kind of action, it’s helpful to acknowledge our situation as it is. We never know why we’re in such situations. And we’re always put in the best environment for our growth
  2. Being logical. Give yourself some time to think, take a pen and a paper, and write down what steps are needed to get where you want to be
  3. Connect with yourself. Use a practice like meditation, take a few days off, or my favorite — have a walk in Nature, in silence, by yourself. Connect with your surroundings, breathe deeply, and ask yourself if what you are about to do is what you really want to do

I would also like to point out that most of us want a lot of things, but we don’t know why we want them in the first place.

For the majority, we want to look better than our neighbor, or have a bigger car than our boss, or simply jump to the next “shiny object.” Theses impulses all come from our limiting beliefs which cloud our perception, and therefore, our assessment about our situation.

When we have connected with ourselves at a deep enough level (the practices above help with that), we realize that we don’t have as many wants as we thought we did. We become more practical with our lives. And we learn to live with a calm mind.

Now to conclude, and come back to the subject, we can always be certain that our lives will get better; better however is outside our comfort zone, and getting there will require that we go through transformations that won’t always feel good.

This is how we become wiser. This is how we embrace the fact that at a higher level, everything is going according to plan. Through connecting with ourselves, and understanding why God or the Universe put us here, this is how we accept that we are where we should be in order to go where we ought to be.

I hope it brought you some clarity on the subject. If you have any related questions, be sure to put them in the comments.

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