Can an extrovert be spiritual?

The eternal dance of life

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Why not?

Introverts and extroverts are simply “facets” of Life.

A more introverted personality is associated with the Feminine Principle; or the Moon.

A more extroverted personality is associated with the Masculine Principle, or the Sun.

Both are different sides of the same coin that is Life.

In tarot, the Moon is more associated with the subconscious mind, the unseen, the unknown, the occult, and other similar associations. Why? Because it appears during the night while being surrounded by darkness. An introverted personality being naturally more directed inwardly; it gives such souls the ability to dive deeper into themselves, and the spiritual domain.

A big part of the spiritual path is actuality about introspection; unless we look into ourselves and learn about ourselves, “Know thyself,” it is difficult to make sense of our outward experiences — hence, we take things personally, we reinforce our limiting beliefs, our ego is all triggered, and it’s hard to mature at a soul level because we are not being humble enough to look at things from other points of view.

On the other hand, the idea that being an extrovert prevents one from being spiritual is absurd.

We learn by looking into ourselves, by spending some time alone, by being more with ourselves. But eventually, we have to practice/apply what we learned in real-time, in our daily lives. That’s when the extroverted aspect is needed.

The Sun is associated with radiance, openness, emission, light, love and masculinity. These are all traits that we have to develop in order to properly grow.

An important thing to keep in mind is the following:

We are all born with certain traits, strengths and weaknesses, predispositions and inclinations which have their origins in our conditioning, habits, influences, and so on. Because these traits are all we know; it’s easy to define ourselves as an introvert or an extrovert.

While we have the free will to keep being an introvert for the rest of our life, and therefore, behave like an introvert in all situations — we also have the free will, the choice, to work on our weaknesses.

In this case, it would mean teaching ourselves to be more outgoing, and embodying more masculine traits in those situations that demand we do.

The same can be said about being more extroverted in nature. It would mean learning to seek less outward stimulation, and start looking within; start paying more attention and learning to receive.

We are not defined by our past. We can always choose how we want to live our lives.

Ultimately, we are all spiritual because we are all walking different paths that have for only purpose to return our attention back within ourselves (introversion), until eventually, we learn from our experiences and embody/practice/apply what we learned in our daily lives (extroversion).

Like with the Yin Yang symbol; both aspects need each other in order to function. On their own, there is imbalance. And spirituality is all about balancing our different aspects so that we live a more harmonious life.


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Many blessings to you.

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