Can Enlightenment Bring You to a Higher Dimension?

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In what dimension is your consciousness currently at?

If you have read blog posts, watched YouTube videos, devoured books — you were probably told that we live in the 3rd dimension, or 3D.

This term is on almost everyone’s tongue nowadays. “We live in the 3D and we should make the jump to the 4D or 5D.” Sure! It’s very easy to say it and approach life from an intellectual perspective. But, does it actually bring us understanding? Not necessarily.

Instead of losing oneself in concepts, and words therefore — which are limiting — why not observe things for ourselves, and see what happens?

Back to your question.

Take a look around yourself. What do you see?

On my end, it’s Monday and what I see around are hordes of people blasting their car’s horns because they don’t want to be late for work. I see tired faces due to responsibilities, lack of proper rest or debauchery.

What else? Look at the movies we watch, the songs we listen to, the novels we write, the video games we play, and in general, the works we produce and resonate with. Look at our news, look at what happens in our world. There are exceptions but the general trends say a lot about what dimension our consciousness is currently at, collectively speaking: revenge, survival, manipulation, hate, hedonism, wars, inequality, etc. These are all “themes” of the 3D.

The 3D level of consciousness is burdened with materialistic beliefs, and a lack of self-awareness which are compensated for in the world by living in disharmony with others at a smaller scale, and with universal laws at a higher one.

Is it “wrong”? Not at all. Consciousness exists at all levels. Photons, cells, rocks, plants, animals, humans, planets, stars, galaxies, etc. As a collective, we find ourselves in the 3D. And consciousness being as “curious” as it is, it wants to explore every aspect of life whether in the 3D or higher.

This means that our biases may make us feel like things are wrong here, but in truth, they just are what they are. And part of our lessons in the 3D is learning to make peace with it. Does it mean accepting anything and everything and not doing much about it? Not at all. It just means discerning between reaction, and action.

Anyhow. As we keep living a life based on lower principles, eventually we learn that there is no point entertaining negativity. That’s when we turn ourselves to other ways of doing things. And start asking questions. This is the “spiritual” path. And its “premise” is “enlightenment.”

This act of questioning ourselves, our beliefs, our conditioning brings our attention within. And in there, we see how our past experiences affect our present lives. Going through this process of releasing this past is called “healing.” And through this healing, our inclination for the 3D themes cited decreases.

And naturally, in doing so, we are not held down by all the negativity we kept at an unconscious level. That’s when we perceive with clarity. And out of that perception, seeing things as they are — not as we were told they were, nor as we wanted them to be — true understanding becomes a possibility.

This understanding is not related to books or theories. It is acknowledgement of the fact. Of reality as it is. And this alignment with reality is what harmonizes us with universal laws; laws that change our 3D paradigm and show us that as much as we believed in loneliness, suffering, despair, hopelessness, etc. — they’re not facts, just beliefs.

Living it/Embodying it is what raises our vibration, and brings our consciousness to higher levels, from which we are able to live with a broader perspective, a more encompassing understanding, and care.

Love (Feminine Principle) and understanding (Masculine Principle) go hand in hand.

I hope your question was answered.


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