Which Do You Give Priority to — Spiritual life or Worldly Happiness?

Thank you for the request.

Let me share with you what I have learned from my countless mistakes.

Let’s keep in mind is that we are all on a spiritual path, whether it looks like it or not.

As souls we come down on Earth with specific agendas. At first, souls come around just to experience life in the physical domain, and enjoy what such an experience has to offer. As time goes by, such souls create all sorts of situations for themselves (“karma”), which is part of the learning experience. And after experiencing the same highs and lows, those souls decide it is time to deal with it all — and that’s when they appear to be more “spiritually inclined.”

This is similar to the hero’s journey.

Now, regardless of where we find ourselves in our evolutionary journey — we are immersed in a physical world, a very alluring world to say the least. It is beautiful, it has a lot of experiences to offer, and the tool we have (our physical vessel) is made from the physical world we find ourselves in.

What does it mean? It means that our tool is biased for the physical world; at least in its earlier “versions” until we upgrade it through different practices, but this is another subject for another time.

What does it imply? As souls, most of us are driving cars that turn right when we want to turn left. As an example, we may have been poor for our entire childhood and decided to “fight back,” and become rich. A life lesson that our soul wants to learn. It’s a common theme here because there is so much powerlessness and despair in the air. Unfortunately however, for most of us, once we get to that level — our tool’s programming with its fears and misconceptions takes over our reasoning; we fear losing what we got, we become attached to our possessions/lifestyle, and the rest of our life is spent trying to protect and increase our wealth, sometimes at any cost…

This is how we drift away from our spiritual goals.

Of course, it is part of our learning experience. Creation wouldn’t have allowed it unless it had a specific purpose behind it. Since we are all on a journey to knowing ourselves — we must take some detours along the way until we figure out how it is we are supposed to approach living.

This is how we learn.

Now coming back to your question, the priority depends on how honest you are with yourself. Why are you on a spiritual path? Does your mind keep pulling you back to worldly affairs? Both can work together. But for that to happen you need to be very clear about your objective in your lifetime.

Understanding what drives you may take some time. It may require some reflections, some silence, some distance, some introspection, etc. But it is an essential step to growing as a person.

I hope your question was answered, even if indirectly 😉


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