How to Raise Your Body’s Frequency

Rainbow body

Whenever we discuss spirituality, we are presented with all sorts of teachings ranging from ancient civilizations, sacred geometry, crystals, meditations, angels and the devil, God and so on.

Being presented with those teachings is obviously part of the natural way the spiritual path unfolds.

All we’ve known previously was the normal, 3D world and its mechanics. We spent our lives pursuing food, shelter, sex and the products of our own thoughts. For our whole existence, we had been functioning from our lower chakras, which by the way, aren’t inferior to our higher chakras; they all serve a specific purpose.

Now, a new world is opening itself to us. Through meditation, through spiritual books and teachings, we started floating in the air. We’ve never experienced the quality of calmness and peace meditation gives us. We’ve never experienced the aliveness we feel from breathing just a little more deeply. We’ve never felt love for no reason.

Our higher chakras have been activated.

And because we have experienced “highs” of all sorts through our new spiritual practices, we have started disregarding normal, mundane matters. And because most spiritual teachings focus on the higher realms, the Divine, and everything in between — we came to believe that the physical, our body, is useless.

If we are smart however, we may ask ourselves this question — if our body wasn’t useful, if the physical world was just “maya” and all that mattered was pursuing angels and spirit guides; then why did Life, in all Its glory and intelligence put us here?

The fact is, we are here, on Earth, a physical domain, in a body. Unless we had bodies, we wouldn’t be able to interact together right now. And unless we interacted in tangible ways, we wouldn’t be able to learn from our experiences, and grow as a result.

Our very reason of being here.

If you take a look around yourself, observing our fellow siblings on Earth; animals, plants, and so on — you notice that their lives revolve around certain dynamics. They eat, they rest, they reproduce, they play, and they do other things depending on their species.

Having our bodies coming from the same planet that is our Mother, we observe that we have similar traits. We eat, we rest, we reproduce, we play, and we do other things.

While most people stick to food, shelter, and sex; you can see it in what we cherish as a society today — we have also been given more options. We can either function as a “normal” human being, or, we can choose to upgrade our tool, the human body, and use it for higher purposes.

Human beings are the bridge between the animal and divine domains.

This act of choosing to live a life that is different from the one we are inclined to experience, because we’re here on Earth at this moment, this choice is what gets us on the spiritual path.

As much as the spiritual path is about evolving as consciousness, this evolution is limited if our tool — or body, is infested with lower (not inferior) energies.

As consciousness, we are not bound to Newtonian physics. But because we’re using physical bodies, they are bound to physical laws. That is, unless they’ve evolved in vibration up to a certain level.

There is, therefore, a constant feedback system between our consciousness, and our body. The more clogged with lower energies our bodies are, don’t worry, you’ll learn how to cleanse yourself from them in just a moment, the more we have a hard time understanding our situation, and knowing what actions are best for our evolution.

The fact that we’re bound to the physical domain through our bodies reminds us that we’re here to grow spiritually using our bodies, and not by neglecting it, as many spirituals believe.

Plus, we all know that we can’t be productive with an empty stomach or after a night or two without sleep.

Just like everything else, our body is also full of life, and just as we’re taught to be of service and caring with other life forms, we’re responsible for this life within our body.

It’s our duty, therefore, to take proper care of our vessel. We can’t appreciate the sacredness of a tree or another person unless we appreciate this same sacredness within ourselves first.

And as a bonus, the more service-oriented we are, the more we grow spiritually. But to be able to be of service, we need energy. By following certain practices which are described below, we can get access to that energy.

Now, how do we raise our body’s frequency?

The practices below are not mandatory. We’re all at different levels on our path and in life. Do your best. That’s all that matters.

Let’s begin.

  1. We must be careful about what we put into it: What we consume eventually becomes “us,” as a physical entity. Our body influences our consciousness. Eating whole, organic food is best
  2. We must reconnect with the Earth and the Cosmos: Our body comes from the Earth, and life as we know it is possible thanks to the Sun. Having regular walks in nature, breathing in fresh air, opening ourselves to sunlight, and taking some time to sit in silence in Nature, under a night sky are all great for this purpose
  3. We must move: Movement helps to move stagnating energies from our body. As we go about our lives, especially in the world we know right now, unless we’re careful enough, we accumulate a lot of stagnating energies. Movement in the form of physical exercise, walking, dancing and so on helps to move those energies out of our system.
  4. We must process lower emotions and thoughts: Remember, lower, not inferior. All emotions deserve to be acknowledged before they can be released. Entertaining resentment, fears, worries, anger, and so on creates disturbances in the body’s fields. There are many ways to process our inner wounds, you can check other pieces for this matter.

Of course, there is much more to the list, and, you don’t need to do everything perfectly. A sincere intention is all that matters.

I hope this piece you brought you some light on the subject. Do not disregard your body. It will save you from a lot of unnecessary frustrations, and will make your evolutionary path much more enjoyable.

As a final note.

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