Can People Steal Our Spiritual Energy?

I think there are some misconceptions here.

First, let’s understand that energy is always in exchange. What we inhale comes from our surroundings, and what we exhale is used by our surroundings. The food we eat, what we expel. Everything is taken by one party, and used by the other.

At a higher level, we’re “cells” or “photons” in this giant Body that is Creation. And like with any body, energy flows. Oxygen circulates, blood, nutrients, etc. Without this constant flow, we wouldn’t be alive.

The first principle therefore is that energy is always in motion.

The second principle is that energy’s motion is to bring things back into balance.

Sometimes, it’s obvious. We work for a while and then we are rewarded with fame and fortune. Most of the time however, it’s not so obvious. We do everything we’re supposed to, but we’re only hit with misfortune.

To understand the cause behind our life’s events requires that we grow in awareness. This growth of awareness is what the spiritual path is all about, and to achieve this growth — we must heal, cleanse ourselves from limiting beliefs and assumptions. You can receive free lessons on how to do this here.

Now coming back to your question; thanks to the baby, you have some sexy memories 😉

I’m just kidding.

As said a few lines ago, our responsibilities are linked to our growth. Life sends us the best lessons for our soul growth. In your example, perhaps the baby wanted to experience what it is like to have a parent like you, or you wanted to experience having a baby.

For you to serve this baby, maybe it is because this baby served you in the past. Or simply, that this soul wanted to incarnate in this timeline and there was no other family available but yours.

The point is, the reason doesn’t matter. Nor does the expectation.

What matters is embracing the opportunities you’re given — they are your best chances for maximum growth. What also matters is serving, doing your best, owning your choices, and living with your heart.

As a side note: There are some people who chose a darker path, and they know how to work with energy in different way. Yes, in the immediate moment they may get what they want. But if you remember, energy moves, and it moves to bring things back into balance. This means, trying to trick universal laws has consequences; what you owe will always be collected. And most of the time, with interests.

There is no escaping the consequences of our actions whether positive or negative. Some people call it “karma,” others, luck or misfortune. The true spiritual doesn’t call it anything, he/she constantly learns, and the mechanics of Creation are revealed.

The healthiest way for us to grow is by dropping expectations. We learn, we implement, and we let the process take care of the rest. It’s not easy to release expectations, it’s part of the collective’s programming — but, it’s not impossible either.

Example: we learn that unrealistic expectations aren’t healthy, we notice our expectations growing whenever we’re doing something, we breathe deeply and teach ourselves to focus on the work, and let the process take care of the rest.

I hope it clarified your question.


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