How Is “Knowing” About The 5D Helping You Grow Spiritually?

Practically, what is the 5th dimension and how can you use this understanding for your own spiritual growth?

We take ourselves pretty seriously.

If you have been on a spiritual path for sometime, which is assumed to be the case if you’re reading this now, you probably came across the concept of “dimensions.”

While most spiritual seekers love to sing about dimensions, the truth is that they only have an intellectual approach to dimensions, which doesn’t help in practical matters.

What is a dimension?

We’re all very focused on our lives right now; we’re thinking about money, we’re thinking about the weekend’s party, we’re worrying about our future, and so on. The fact that we think, feel and act according to this “focus” means we live in its corresponding dimension. To live in a dimension simply means our awareness has zoomed in into a particular plane of existence. This act of zooming in naturally leaves the other dimensions out of the picture.

Awareness is the screen on which our lives play out. The size of the screen is a dimension. But the screen could either be an old school box TV, or a flat giant screen.

Why do we have biological drives such as the need for food, or the urge to reproduce and enjoy pleasures/avoid pain? Most people would say that it’s for survival matters.

But what does the idea of survival imply? It implies that we’re fighting for our lives, that we’re living in a deadly environment, that life is always “doom and gloom.” This is obviously absurd. It’s more of a belief than an fact. And if you want to figure this out for yourself, dig deep within yourself.

Like any organism, the Earth lives for different reasons. Without Her, we wouldn’t be able to experience our lives and learn all those precious lessons as an example. For Her energies to keep flowing healthily, some works are needed in Her physical organism — of which we are a part of, and because it is so, Her vital functions are kept in place through the ecosystem, but also through us, and our biological drives.

As much as we have produced volumes of works about sex as an example, trying to understand its true nature and so on — in its most natural and normal nature, sex fulfills a vital role in promoting Mother Earth’s health, just like our cells do in promoting ours.

We take ourselves pretty seriously but… So do our cells.

The fact that our awareness is zoomed in into our current experiences makes us forget that this awareness permeates everything else. We’re infinitesimal in comparison to galaxies and universes. Yet we experience quite the “big life” here in Earth.

The same can be said about our cells, which are smaller in comparison to us human beings, but if we apply the principle of “As above, so below, as within, so without,” those cells are experiencing a similar “seriousness” in their lives. They probably have celebrities, politicians and other types of idiots too.

This shifting of awareness through zooming in, or zooming out, is a change of dimension.

Changing dimension is less about doing teleportation to some other place, and more about us being aware of our lives as they are, but also of the broader picture of Creation.

A human being has the potential to become aware of higher dimensions while still experiencing life in Earth. Doing so results in “enlightenment.” It obviously takes a lot of work to get there, but with commitment, nothing is impossible.

As a final note.

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