The Way Out

You heard it many times.

We live in a world that has unrealistic expectations from us.

From dusk till dawn, in one way or another, we’re told that we’re not enough.

And unfortunately, most of us believe it.

To cope with this sense of incompleteness and inadequacy, we demand too much from ourselves.

Day after day, we become harder on ourselves.

We’re always running. No matter the prize we get our hands on however, the need for more never ends.

We have reasons as to why we do what we do. But deep inside, we know we’re still trying to prove something to mom, dad, to teachers and people we met. Whether alive or not.

And most of the time. They’re not part of our lives anymore.

To feel like we “made it” in some way, we pursue the prizes that society celebrates. High positions at work, certifications, titles, fame, possessions, and so on.

These labels and “ranks” give us a feeling of security. It’s how we tell others, but mostly ourselves, that we did something with our lives.

In this pursuit, we become more and more conditioned by our experiences.

We mingle with those who think, behave and live like we do. And we reject those that are different from us.

Eventually, we’re so programmed by our own experiences and beliefs that we’re caught in a net of “normalcy.”

We’ve pursued “normal,” but “normal” let us down.

Why aren’t we happy?

Why doesn’t this money make things feel right?

Is working from morning to evening, only to come home with barely enough energy to eat and fall asleep a way to live?

What does spending our whole weekend on the bed/couch say about our lifestyle throughout the week?

Normalcy breeds normal lives, another statistical number.

Now, in case you’re ready to rebel, take a step back and breathe.

Of course, there’s no good or bad, right or wrong.

What is aligned with our path, what feels true for us, is right for us.

What isn’t is “wrong” for us.

The main reason why the above has been expressed is for the countless souls feeling bad for themselves because they don’t live up to societal ideals.

If it’s aligned with your path — do the work, you’ll get there.

If it’s not, stop making yourself smaller and start looking for what feels right for you, and chase it.

We’re not meant to live like others. Each one of us is walking a unique path, one that is specific to our “us,” to who we are, to what we’ve been through, because no one but us lived our lives.

Whatever you are dreaming about, whatever is in your heart, whatever you feel is your “raison d’être” — it’s yours.

The main reason you may not have had your hands on it yet can be traced back to your limiting beliefs, your conditioning, what you were told to as you grew up and how it turned into the lens through which you see the world.

Each one of us has these lenses. There are hundreds of thousands of souls just like you who went through similar events as you, and who achieved those things you yearn for.

The how and the what are not the problem.

You are holding yourself back. That’s the only problem.

When you feel powerless to act, it’s your conditioning doing the talking.

When you feel discouraged before even starting, when you procrastinate, it’s those voices you’ve internalized as being “you” doing the talking.

Look at people you resonate with. Role models. Study them. Pay attention to how they behave and reason. Use their perspective to counter yours.

Like a Trojan Horse, sowing these seeds, one day at a time, will turn them into unstoppable forces that reprogram you into the person you want to be.

What will change?

You. The outer circumstances will remain the same. But your feelings about them won’t.

Instead of feeling powerless to act, you’ll feel like the whole world is your playground.

Instead of feeling discouraged before starting, you’ll be busy learning the mechanics of how what you want to build can be built.

Nothing changes. How you look at things however, as a freer, more powerful channel for energy and consciousness does.

And with this increased access to energy, your actions create stronger reactions. (Changes).

As you keep investing, through your efforts, in your system, whether it’s a business or a fitness goal — the universal laws respond.

And before you realize how everything works out, voila, you are reaping the fruits of your work.

This is spiritual growth. This is alignment with universal laws. And this is how we were meant to live; this whole “play” of life is for us to experiment things, to play and to learn from our experiences.

Quit wasting time trying to impress people who do not deserve your attention.

Quit wasting time trying to keep up with unrealistic, and often useless ideals that only produce a mechanical existence.

Quit wasting time belittling yourself, believing in your conditioning which makes you feel discouraged or powerless.

Do not underestimate what you are capable of.

And to help you remember what you can accomplish when you reawaken your dormant abilities. To help you overcome the limits that kept you stuck on your spiritual path. To help you heal the negative thoughts you have about yourself. To give you structure on your spiritual journey so that you understand where you are, and where you should be focusing your efforts to get where you want – I’ve written a book called Spiritual Transition.

Transition from what?

From fancy (but useless) concepts, from boring and mechanical practices to a deeper understanding about yourself, effective healing and a noticeable transformation.

If you’ve been meditating, using affirmations and thinking positively for a while now, without necessarily integrating spiritual truths at a soul level even though you understand them intellectually — I’ve written this book to help you understand the main blocks to true spiritual growth, and how to overcome them.

As consciousness, what we believe in has a direct influence on the type of results we get.

Unless we understand ourselves at a very deep level, we can’t derive the precious life lessons from our experiences.

Unless we understand why we went through what we experienced, we can’t heal.

And unless we heal, you got that right, we don’t grow spiritually.

While we will discuss meditations and spiritual procedures to use on a daily basis for your healing, and spiritual growth — this book’s main purpose is to give you the proper foundations so that:

  • You heal your emotional wounds
  • Calm your mind and decrease overthinking
  • Feel grounded, and better about yourself and your body
  • Develop a broader understanding about life, the universe and the laws that govern reality
  • Feel more connected, compassionate and understanding with your loved ones
  • Develop a healthy sense of self-esteem, feel confident and bold
  • Express yourself more honestly, and feel empowered to finally be you
  • Understand the power of your beliefs, and how through them you have created your life exactly as it is
  • Put this understanding to work, and feel capable of creating the life you want for yourself
  • Of course, there is much more, and as you read, you will discover it for yourself.

Now, who is this book for?

  • It’s for you if you’ve always been naturally drawn to the spiritual realm
  • It’s for you if you’ve become skeptical about fancy practices because you’ve learned from personal experiences that they’re a waste of time
  • It’s for you if you want tools to take your spiritual growth in your own hands and understand where you stand on the spiritual path
  • It’s for you if you have a sense that you create your experiences but would just like to know how it happens so that you use the mechanism for your own benefit
  • It’s for you if you want a calmer mind, a lighter heart, a happier life and a focused approach to life
  • It’s for you if you want to free yourself from negative patterns in relationships, at work, in life in general and rewrite the script of your life

How does this book work?

Spiritual Transition is divided into 4 parts.

  • In Part 1, we explore the main blocks to spiritual growth. Why do some people meditate for so long yet grow so little as a person? Why do religions feel so right at times but also so unhealthy? Why do we want to expand spiritually yet act in ways that keep us stuck in negativity?
  • In Part 2, we explore the deeper nature of the mind and our emotions. Why is our mind restless? How do we calm it? Why are our emotions repressed and how do we bring them up for healing?
  • In Part 3, you are given tools to start releasing limiting beliefs, healing inner wounds, and living in greater harmony with your family, community up to the Universe Itself. Using those tools regularly will make you feel lighter, happier and more capable to create the life you want for yourself
  • In Part 4, you are given “clues” to help you stay on track. Most spirituals give up too early, and that’s because they lack a solid understanding of the path ahead. How do we know we’re doing things correctly? What are certain experiences supposed to mean? Are our spiritual practices pushing us in the right direction, or are we given signs to modify our approach?

As a bonus, if you buy a copy, you also get access to me directly for questions you may have either on the material or your own spiritual path. An email address is shared in the book for this purpose.

If you resonated with the above in some way, then your intuition brought you here for a reason. You can buy a copy by using the form below.

I’ll see you on the other side! Blessings.