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This coaching service is for you if you have tried different methods to achieve some level of mastery over yourself without much success.

It’s not uncommon to lack confidence when it comes to changing ourselves; I have personally been there myself. One of the main reasons why we have a hard time turning into the person we so eagerly desire to be is related to our conditioning.

What is this conditioning? It’s the mental and emotional “environment” we live in. This environment has been built through the course of our lives; what we were told as children, the experiences we have been through, what our community believes in, what the media tells us is true or not, etc.

In most cases, because we live in a rather rudimentary environment (survival of the fittest, an eye for an eye, dog eat dog, etc.) we do not realize what we are told to be true, and believe in, is most of the time in disharmony with universal principles of unity, cooperation, and harmony.

Why don’t we see this for ourselves? Because we have become “numb” to the noise. We do not see how we hurt ourselves by accepting these beliefs as being true – beliefs about ourselves, beliefs about being inadequate/not good enough, beliefs about loneliness and powerlessness, etc.

And more importantly, we do not see how these beliefs go on to create chaos in the world, disturbing our relationships with one another but also with our planet.

Looking at the world today says enough about it.

We are in pain, and we want peace. We believe distractions can save us, but eventually, our bodies and minds decay out of exaggerations, and we realize that we may have been approaching the situation from a wrong angle.

That’s when a new door opens. And that’s when we look for a long-term solution to our situation.

This is what this coaching is about.

How it works

First, we have to be clear about what you want. Most people think they know what they want in life, but their “dispersed” efforts and lack of results say otherwise.

It’s good to want peace and happiness. At least we are aiming for something. But what is underneath this want? What drives it? Has the pain become unbearable?

Once we have a clear picture about the person you want to be, we explore the blocks to becoming that person. What past experiences still hold you back? What are your current habits and how does your life look like on a daily basis? What “cycles” and patterns do you go through?

This will require some attention on both our parts, tools will be provided for you to go into more depth in the matter, and together we will work on what comes up.

Once a week, we will have a live 1:1 session, and during this session, we discuss your discoveries using the tools you have been given, we check your accountability on the practices you receive, and we process what has come up.

Everything takes time, especially change.

Ultimately, my goal as a coach is to prepare and equip you with inner strength, and tools for you to stand on your own feet. I do not want your dependence. The time required for people to change is different for everyone since we all have a personal space.

A good estimate is 6 months. Once you reach your goal, the one we will be working on – you have the choice to explore another avenue of life together, or to continue your journey on your own by using everything you have learned.

We are the mix of those people and influences we spend the most time with. One of the main advantages of working together directly is that the transfer of understanding happens much faster, and so does integration.

Integration means truly making an understanding an essential part of you, and how you function as a human being.

The price

The fee for this service is currently at: $200 /month

The price will change as more people get on board due to time constraints.

If you have any question…

You can reach out directly to me at: [email protected]

Thank you for your trust!